How To Cancel Charter Spectrum (And Save Money)

Charter Spectrum

Canceling or changing your cable and internet services can be a complete hassle. This is why we’ve written a quick guide on how to cancel your Charter Spectrum services along with some tips and other ways to save. The entire process is very simple, but there are a few major points you’ll want to make sure you get right so you’re not being charged extra expenses or fees. Along with those tips we’ve also included some ways to help you save money with your new service provider and ways to see if you’re eligible for discounts through Spectrum.

Quick Guide (Step-By-Step)

  1. Call Customer Service (1-833-694-9259)
  2. Cancel Your Service Or Negotiate For A Better Price
  3. Return Your Equipment To Avoid Fees (Cable Boxes, etc)
  4. Call Again To Confirm Cancellation

Step 1: Call Customer Service And Speak To A Retention Specialist
The first step of canceling your Charter Spectrum service is to call their customer service at 1-(833)-694-9259. Once you call and tell them you’re calling to cancel your account they will almost certainly send you to their customer retention department. Their entire job is to try to find a way to keep you as a customer. If the price is just too much for you then this is where you can possibly get your price lowered or change your service plan. This is where you can negotiate if you want to. If you don’t want to negotiate a better price and just want to cancel quickly then give them a reason such as you’re moving to an area without Spectrum and they won’t forward you to their retention specialists.

Step 2: Give A Reason For Cancellation
Spectrum doesn’t require any type of long-term contract so you don’t really need any exact reason for cancellation. You can simply tell them you no longer need the service, you’re switching to another service provider, or just about any other reason will work.

The only time you’ll need a specific reason is if you’re still wanting to stay with Spectrum and hoping for a lower price. In this case, you’ll want to make sure your reason for canceling your service is for a reason such as a price, switching to a competitor, or that you’re ditching cable for a service like Sling TV or DirecTV Now.

Remember that you’re not locked into any type of long-term contract, so don’t feel any pressure to stay with Spectrum if they don’t counter with a better offer than you currently have. Also, remember that if you aren’t wanting to negotiate then you can use the reasons such as moving to an area without Spectrum services.

Tip: If you're wanting to see what other offers and deals are available at Spectrum and competitors then use our partners at CableMovers to get a quick quote.

Step 3: Return Equipment (Don’t Get Hit By Expensive Unreturned Equipment Fees)
One thing you’ll need to make sure you do is to return any equipment that they specify. This means cable boxes and other equipment along with your modem if you’ve canceled your internet and you’re renting the modem.

If you don’t return these items to your nearest Spectrum store or mail them then you can rack up extra charges. This is an easy headache to avoid and you should always make sure you return the equipment promptly even if the customer service rep doesn’t make a big deal out of it. We’ve seen customers from other cable providers be charged hundreds of dollars extra because they forgot to turn in their old equipment.

Step 4. Confirm Cancellation
Let’s face it, cable and internet providers aren’t always the most trustworthy and organized companies. When it comes to doing anything with your service you can many times be faced with half-truths and being given the runaround. This is why it’s key to call back and make sure that your service is canceled on the decided upon date and that you don’t owe them any more money.

This is just an extra step to avoid any company from charging you extra fees for equipment you’ve already returned or you getting a bill later in the month claiming you owe them for another month of service. It’s easy to just call the customer service number again (1-833-694-9259) or go to their website to get the information you need.

Do you have any tips or comments about canceling your cable and internet services or moving your services? Leave your comments and questions below. We will do our best to keep this guide updated with the latest information but always double-check your own details before changing or canceling a service such as Spectrum.

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