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Hilton Nurses And Healthcare Workers Discount

Does Hilton have a discount for nurses and other healthcare workers? No, Hilton no longer seems to offer a discount for nurses or healthcare workers. There are numerous other discounts available including a discount of up to 20% using the offers found using the link below to the official Hilton website.

Discount: Up to 20% off your next booking on Hilton.com

About Hilton And Available Discounts
Hilton is a national hotel and vacation brand with highly-reviewed properties throughout the world. You can find Hilton brand hotels and resorts in most of the top cities and vacation destinations including New York City, Paris, Orlando, Cancun, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, and many more.

You can use the Hilton website to get some of the best deals available on their hotel locations along with Hilton resorts and all-inclusive vacation packages. They also have exclusive bookings and deals for the other Hilton brands not previously mentioned such as Waldorf Astoria, Canopy, Embassy Suites, and LXR just to name a few.

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We can’t seem to find any active discounts that are available for nurses and other healthcare workers. At one point Hilton did offer a 25% discount for frontline workers which included Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Licensed, Practical Nurse (LPN), Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Nursing Assistant, Nurse Midwife, Nurse Practitioner. That deal no longer is available on their website, but there may be some discounts available through select healthcare employers and associations.

There may be some healthcare worker discounts available for select Hilton secondary brands such as their all-inclusive vacation website and their online store with items like towels, t-shirts, and so on. We will update this page if Hilton does start offering a healthcare discount.

Learn more about Hilton and available discounts at Hilton.com.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
This section will be updated with all of the frequently asked questions we get about Hilton’s discounts for healthcare workers.

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