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HelloFresh Discount For Nurses And Healthcare Workers


Does HelloFresh have a discount for nurses and other healthcare workers? Yes, HelloFresh has a discount for nurses and other healthcare workers. You can activate the deal using the link below.

Discount: 70% OFF your first box + Free Shipping, and 15% OFF all your other boxes over the next year

About HelloFresh’s Discounts
HelloFresh is a meal delivery service sending you curated ingredients and meals weekly. You can choose between dozens of different options depending on what you’re craving and your dietary restrictions.

As noted above, HelloFresh does have a healthcare worker discount that is good for nurses, doctors, and numerous other healthcare workers and hospital employees. The current deal is 70% off your first box along with free shipping. This deal will also give you 15% off your meal deliveries over the next year. Unlike most other deals from HelloFresh, this offer is available for both new and existing customers.

If for some reason the healthcare worker discount doesn’t work for you then you can still claim numerous other offers. They have numerous other offers for new customers with up to 50% off your first delivery with free shipping. Almost all of these promotions are for new customers, so if you’re an existing customer then you will have to get the promo code through the healthcare worker discount.

To activate your discount you can use the link above. Once you’re on the discount page on the HelloFresh website you will have to verify your eligibility using The discount should show up automatically if you’re a new customer and existing customers will be given a promo code to apply at checkout.

Learn more about HelloFresh and available discounts at

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