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Does HBX have student discounts? HBX (Hype Beast) has some reported student discounts to give you up to 10% off your order in the form of a promo code. You can use the link below to find all of the latest offers from HBX including any student discounts and other promo codes where we’ve seen discounts of up to 30% off select products.

Discount: Up To 30% Off With Promo Code

About HBX’s Student Discounts
HBX, the Hype Beast store, has had numerous student discounts in the past with most being in the 10% to 15% range. These student promo codes seem to only be available for a limited time, but once you claim the codes they stay active for one year. The codes are activated by using your .edu email address. We cannot currently find a specific student discount on the HBX.com website that’s specific to students.

The best option as of right now is to use one of the many other deals on their website including promo codes for up to 30% off. Most of the publicly available deals on their website will give you a better discount than the student discounts as you cannot currently stack coupon offers. Use the link below to find the latest deals on their website.

Website: HBX.com

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