HBO Student Discounts

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HBOEven though HBO did have a student discount at one point, they’re no longer offering any type of discounts for students. Just because they got rid of their discount doesn’t mean that there aren’t some ways to save such as free trials and other deals. You can use the deal below to help you save on your subscription.

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The only discount we’ve seen that is geared towards students is the HBO GO for colleges. This is only available if your college has paid for HBO Go which is usually through a dorm TV setup. To see if your college or university has this service you can check out the page on the HBO website.

If you’re not a student or the deals above don’t apply to you then make sure you check out our guide on the cheapest ways to get HBO in which we break down more ways to save. The guide shows you the cheapest ways you can get all of the HBO versions including HBO GO and HBO Now.

If HBO brings back their student discount (previously $9.99 per month) we will update this page with all of the details.

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