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HBO Max Student Discount

Does HBO Max have a student discount? No, HBO Max does not currently have a discount for students. There are still other ways to save on HBO Max to stream their popular movies and TV shows for less. You can find a featured discount below as well as more information below that about ways to save.

Discount: 16% Off Yearly Plans

About HBO Max Student Discounts
HBO Max is a streaming service with seemingly endless popular original movies and TV along with hundreds of other movies, TV series, and more. You can find classic original HBO shows like The Sopranos and Sex And The City along with new originals like Succession, Peacemaker, and Euphoria. You can choose between a plan with limited commercials and an ad-free plan. You also have the option to pay monthly, or you can opt for the yearly plan where you currently save 16% off the original pricing.

As previously mentioned, HBO Max does not currently have a student discount. At one point HBO did offer a student discount, but we haven’t seen any discounts specific to students since they launched the HBO Max brand. There may be some promotions in the future where they do offer a student discount, but currently, there are no student discounts available.

They do have other promotions and discounts available. These promotions pop up from time to time and usually include a discount when you purchase annually instead of monthly or simply give you a discount on your first few months. Almost all of the promo codes and deals we’ve seen are for new customers other than the offers for a discounted monthly rate when you pay annually.

We will keep this page updated with any new deals for students including updating the information if HBO Max does start offering a student discount. If you want more information on HBO Max you can check out their website at


Does HBO Max have a free trial? HBO Max does not currently have a free trial. There are some promotions from time to time where they have a free trial promo code to take advantage of a free trial offer. The free trial codes are getting rarer and rarer so finding a free trial offer for HBO Max usually isn’t available.

Does HBO Max Have A Student Plan? No, HBO Max has their regular plans and no plans that are specific to any other group at this time.

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Can College Students Get HBO Max For Free? No, HBO Max does not have a free plan for students or anyone else. We don’t see this changing as they’re a premium streaming service.

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