Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s

Update: Some of the pricing information on this comparison review is now outdated. We will be updating information such as pricing and available subscription services soon. In the mean time, you can check out the latest updated pricing for Dollar Shave Club by following the link provided or check out shaving deals on Amazon by following that link.

Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry's Comparison

Getting everyday products shipped right to your door seems to be the craze as of late. As we lead more busy lives and shipping gets cheaper it only makes sense to not have to be constantly making trips to the store to pick up small items. Razors for shaving is one of those items that most men use on a daily basis so we thought we would compare two of the top membership services in that category to give you a better feel for whom to chose.

Dollar Shave Club first hit the scene with a viral video that was seen by millions of people where they hilariously broke down why you need to get your razors delivered. Harry’s takes a different approach to the matter with a sleek, old-school, and no-nonsense vibe to their brand. Both brands offer a monthly blade refill service where you can get blades as well as shaving cream shipped to your door when you need it. So check out our Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club comparison below to figure out which is right for you.

Dollar Shave Club Plans

Dollar Shave Club Membership Levels
Dollar Shave Club has various options on what type of blade you’re sent monthly. The first month you will receive the handle along with the blades but every other month you will simply receive the blades. As you can see from the options, you have three different choices available with each level giving you more blades and hopefully a better shave.

The Humble – The Humble is the cheapest plan available and includes a razor that has two stainless steel blades and a lubricating strip. The plan is for $1 per month which includes 5 blade cartridges.

The 4X – The “4X” is the next step up with four stainless steel blades and a lubricating strip. This plan is priced at $6 per month and comes with 4 refill cartridges.

The Executive – The “Executive” is the top plan you can get at the moment with a premium razor that six stainless steel blades and a lubricating strip. It comes with 4 refill cartridges and is priced at $9 per month.

Dollar Shave Club is currently running a promotion where you can get your first month for $1. This also includes free shipping. No word on when this discount will end.

Harry’s Plans

Harrys Auto-Refill Plans
The options for Harry’s are slightly different than DSC as you aren’t necessarily just choosing a better blade as you go up. These packages are also just the starter packages and you must then enroll in the auto-refill. There are a few different sets to choose from depending on your preference including the Truman Set, Winston Set, Maple Leaf Set and more. Below we break down the plans available within the auto-refill. As you can see these plans are more about how often you need the razors shipped and less about which type of razor you prefer.

Everyday Shaver – The “Everyday Shaver” package is, of course, best for those who shave every day. This package will ship every two months with 8 blades and 2 creams.

Occasional Shaver – The “Occasional Shaver” is for those who shave a few days a week. The package ships every four months with 8 blades and 2 creams.

Infrequent Shaver – The “Infrequent Shaver” is best for those who only shave one day a week or less. The package will ship to your door every six months with 8 blades and 2 creams.

How Much Do They Cost

How Much Does Dollar Shave Club Cost?
The model of Dollar Shave Club is to give you a mix of low prices with the convenience of having razors delivered right to your door. The lowest priced plan available is for $1 per month with the premium package available for $9 per month. All of the plans do have a shipping charge which brings the price up $2 per plan.

How Much Does Harry’s Auto-Refill Cost?
Unlike Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s does their memberships by how often you shave. For some of us, you will have to shave every day to avoid looking like a caveman while others can go days without needing to shave. You can choose between the “Everyday Shaver” sent every 2 months, “Occasional Shaver” sent every 4 months, and the Infrequent Shaver” sent every 6 months. All of the packages have the same price at $31 per month with free shipping if you choose economy shipping. Each package comes with 8 blades and 2 creams. You can purchase through the official Harry’s website as well as kits from online stores like Amazon and more.

Is Either Service Really Worth It?

Do you really need Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s to deliver your razors? There are some within the shaving and men’s skincare industries who claim that aside from the customer service and delivery options you may be better off purchasing your blades on a place like Amazon. You can find a lot of different razors available on Amazon and when you sign up for the subscribe and save it will knock 5% off your total. For example, you can get a comparable razor to the “The Humble” from Dollar Shave Club with the Bic Twin Select on Amazon. The total price per blade includes shipping of the Bic from Amazon comes out to $0.36 whereas “The Humble” is $0.60 per blade. This is also factoring in that you have Amazon Prime to get free shipping. In many other cases, the razors will still ship free for even those who are not members as long as you make another purchase with the razors. So if you’re going for the cheapest blades instead of the best qualify then Amazon may end up being the best option.


It’s a little hard to compare the two services and give you an exact answer on which shaving membership service is better. If you’re looking for the cheaper product than you should go with the “Humble” plan from Dollar Shave Club which comes out to $3 per month with shipping. If you’re looking for higher quality at a decent price then you should probably choose one of the packages from Harry’s as their premium blades end up being cheaper than DSC on the higher-end models. They also include a premium shaving cream with each package at $8, which is the same as DSC’s Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter. So overall there isn’t a huge gap between the two brands if you’re going on price, but in our opinion it comes down to whether you’re looking for a basic shave at a cheap price or a higher-end product at a fair market price with the convenience of being delivered to your door.

DEAL: If you're not interested in one of these shaving clubs or premium razors you can find a large selection of handpicked razors and shaving deals from Amazon. Most items also come with free shipping

Where To Buy Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club

In our opinion, the best places to buy their products are their official websites. Dollar Shave Club is sold exclusivly through their official website, so any other store you see selling their products online is probably either reselling at a higher price or isn’t legit. Harry’s is sold at a few different places at about the same price as you can find it on their website. The stores that currently sell Harry’s include Target, Nordstrom, Need Supply and a few others. We’ve yet to see either product on Amazon or other leading marketplaces. Leave any comments or your own reviews of these products below.

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  1. Thanks for an honest review. I recently stumbled upon Harry’s and fell in love with their products and also no longer the need to search thru the drug stores looking for a good blade (long after my old blade grew dull and painful.) I just saw the dollar brand today and wondered if I should jump ship. But why give up a great shave for a decent one even if it MIGHT save a buck:)

    1. fully agree with you. I use Harry’s and see that their products are reasonably high-end. Why give up the one that is very comfortable

    2. I hav them both………for quality, etc……Harrys in a land slide, for price……DSC…the only thing worse that DSC is a Dan Patrick movie.

    3. After reading all the Replies here. I have decided to stay the course. I can buy a years supply @ Costco for $20.00 or less and get a better shave than most of the guys posting here. So boy am I glad I checked this site before joining either of these clubs. I have been shaving for about 70 years now and have tried several blades and always go right back to the old standby.

    4. I’ve tried both Harrys and DSC. I think Harrys makes a better blade and I love there shaving gel and post shave balm. My only knock on Harrys is that it’s hard to rinse everything off the blade if your water pressure is low. Hair remains stuck between the blades. To me, that’s irritating, even if I’m only paying $2 per blade. I don’t have that problem with DSC blades. I don’t think Dsc blades are as high quality as Harrys, but i think they are worth what you pay for them. I also like the Dsc shaving butter. Summary: I use both.

      1. I have the same issue with Harry’s blades. They are close together and so a little more effort to rinse out the hair. I believe, however, its that closeness of blades that make for such a comfortable shave. I definitely recommend them. I shave about 3 times a week so its not hard on my wallet. The shave gel is very nice as well. I use Nivea (sp?) for aftershave and am very happy with with that product. Smells fresh. Not too much like cologne or perfume so I’m very happy there. Same goes for Harry’s shave gel. From this thread it seems it really comes down to personal preference, but the Gillette blades are so high priced they have them in a locked cabinet in the Pharmacy.

      2. I tried both. As an ocassional shaver I like Harry’s plan. DSC was good, but you have to stop the plan if you don’t want product. With Harry’s you can alter your delivery date and amount. And as far as having trouble removing hair/shave cream from razor…I shave in the shower and have an old toothbrush to swipe stuff away. Harry’s over DSC as far as product. DSC over Harry’s as far as commercials!

      3. Very good assessment. I use both too. I’ve been a member of Harrys for about 3 years. Their blades are excellent quality and give a great shave. I like their gel and aftershave balm too. I’ve recently tried DSC’s shave butter and aftershave cream/dew. I think they’re excellent products too, especially the aftershave cream/dew. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin since I made the change. I think I’ll stick to my Harry’s razor and use DSC’s shave butter and post shave dew.

  2. I “had” a membership with dsc that I recently ended. I’m now jumping ship for Harry’s. I’m waiting for my first razor and blades (I can still use my remaining blades from dsc while I wait). I’ve heard only good things about Harry’s. We’ll see…

  3. I have tried both and think Harry’s is a better product. DSC razors are really cheep and fall apart. The shaving butter is pretty good though.

  4. Dollar Shave Club razors are not good quality.
    I bought a Harry’s set for my brother and he says he likes it.
    I did not try Harry’s myself but they look like a lot better quality.

      1. My first month’s DSC shipment was great. The second month, it’s like the blades are coming from another planet. Every time I shave, I end up bleeding in several places. I’ve had two shipments: One with great blades, one with obviously defective ones. So clearly, no one is “right” in this discussion. But it’s also obvious that DSC’s quality is hit-or-miss. I cancelled my membership and just signed up with Harry’s.

      2. I totally agree with spamelanogo. My first DSC blades were decent but the second batch was horrible. They weren’t even good on the first shave. Going to switch.

      3. DSC blades are not that good. I’m sometimes amazed at how many times I have to swipe parts of my face to actually get the hairs?! Somewhere I read that the blades are too close together, which makes sense.

        I’m reading here to see what people think of Harry’s because I am considering trying them. Short of that, its back to Gillette. DSC blades just aren’t good enough for the savings.

      4. I subscribed to Harry’s and use the “Truman” handle. Because of the flat design, Im not able to shave my upper lip without cutting myself. So until the blades run out, I’ve been using my 80’s era Track II to tidy up my shave. Maybe there’s a secret feature that changes the blade’s shaving surface angle.

      5. DSC is really, really LOW quality. Cuts and scrapes and an overall really bad shave. I wanted to like it and gave them a few months to be sure. Dollar Shave Club simply sucks when it comes down to a good, healthy shave!


    1. I agree; the DSC razors are of awful quality – I kept having to replace them. I’ve since tried Harry’s and love the products.

  5. I liked DSC as a company. They ship fast and their prices are great but they don’t make their own razors. They buy a cheap Chinese brand in bulk and then send you your blades each money. You’re paying for the convenience.

    Harry’s I paid $15 for 8 blades and they’ll re-ship in 6 months. The product is much higher quality and they design and manufacture their own product. It’s also a much better razor as far as shaving is concerned. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve had a better shave even from Gillette.

    1. Tim, did they charge you $15 every month but only ship every 6 months? or was it $15 every 6 months?



  6. Another thing I like about Harry’s is you’re not forced into a plan; you can buy as needed (which I what I do) rather than sign up for automatic deliveries. I don’t believe DSC will let you do that, although you can order DSC’s razors direct from their source, a company called Dorco, in bulk.

  7. I tried dsc and just didn’t get a very good shave. I’ve been reluctant to try Harry’s, but the above comments may push me to give them a shot.

  8. I noticed that there is an error with the pricing of the DSC plans listed here. The shipping is not included on the $1 plan, but shipping is included with the two upper tiers, according to their website. Otherwise, I cannot decide between the two companies as of yet. I am hearing from friends that Harry’s has better blades albeit at a higher price.

  9. I was very undecided about which product to order as I have never been a member of either DSC or Harry’s. Therefore, I thank all of you for your inputs because it looks like I will be going with Harry’s. As soon as my Harry’s products arrive and I try them, I will be back on here to add my review. Thanks again everyone.

  10. I have been using DSC for around a year now and so has my brother and a bunch of my friends. We absolutely LOVE their products and none of us have anything negative to say about them. Especially that their blades fall apart. That’s ridiculous. I am Italian and HAVE to shave everyday and love the shave I get with DSC. I also have never used a better shave product than the their shave butter. I guess either of these companies would be a good choice and obvious better than overpaying for Gillette or Schick!

    1. My DSC first handle broke after a year. I’m in to the second handle and can tell its about to break too. The razors don’t break. The handles do….

      1. I’m in the same boat! My first handle just fell part after one year. DSC replaced without any problems which was nice. I’m a every other day shaver and not really impressed with the executive package. After reading everybody’s comments I’ll most likely jump ship. Thanks

    2. I used DSC for about a year. They blades were just OK…not great. And the handles do break. I couldn’t remove the blade and ended up cutting myself trying to get the blade off the handle.

      I have since switched to Harry’s. Absolutely love the shave you get. Much more comfortable. Haven’t used them very long so I don’t yet know how the handle will hold up. It does feel much more substantial than the DSC handle, however.

  11. I like Harry’s blades. It contours really nice around my jaw. Packaging is really nice. I’m tired of dulling my wife’s blades and getting 2 uses out of the cheap blades. The shaving cream in the squeeze bottle smells really nice and doesn’t leave my face dry. I do wish the bottle was bigger. I am an infrequent shaver ( once and twice a week) so my first blade lasted me a month. Now that it’s “Mo”vember we’ll see how long my next blade lasts. I am not on subscription with Harry’s but definitely will being ordering more when the time comes.

  12. I shave like my grandfather. I use a double edge blade on an old school blade handle. YOU ONLY NEED ONE BLADE TO GET A DECENT SHAVE. =)

  13. Harry’s is a major spammer. I received 4 spam emails from them yesterday, and 2 so far today (all to the same email address). I have never done business with them or given them my (work!) email address.

    1. I’ve seen these same emails in my spam folder. They’re advertisements for Harry’s, but they are not from the company itself, instead they’re from someone trying to sell you other products using their name.

      1. No, they are definitely from Harry’s. They use domain names like and in the links, but if you click the link it does a redirect to I clicked the link in one of the emails two days ago and when I got to their website a chat box popped up asking if they could help. I explained that I didn’t appreciate the spam. They said they would remove me from their list. They did *not* deny having sent the emails. They also did not ask what my email address was — either they already had it (due to tracking codes in the links), or they had no intention of removing my email address. I continued to receive spam from them. Yesterday, I clicked the unsubscribe link in one of the new emails and entered my email address as required to unsubscribe. Since then, I’ve received five more spams from them, for a total of twelve in three days.

      2. I find it difficult to believe Harry’s is responsible for unethical spamming. Very professional organization from my two years of buying from them.

      3. Even tho it took you to their website the emails came from someone else, and they get credit and commission when you purchase.

      4. you are obviously a fool who will click on any link or attachment which is sent to him. The messages are from identity thieves who use well known email domains to spoof you. You deserve what ever credential stealing malware you now have on your computer.

    2. It’s because they use affiliate marketing. You click on the link, and in the cookie it will say such and such website referred you. Then the owner of that website will get a fee or % of your purchase. Usually the people who operate such things by e-mail are hackers. Maybe you could let the company know and they might cut ties with that person.

  14. I have been purchasing Harry’s blades for over two years, after hearing an interview with their founder on NPR.Previously I had used Schick and typically cut myself about once every ten to fifteen shaves. I have only cut myself a couple of times in two years with Harry’s blades. I did try their shave cream, but it does not even compare to the German Nivea I buy online. Typically when I am down to my last blade I order more and delivery has ranged from two days to over a week, but averages about five to six. I must also comment that Harry’s blades last me on average about ten days, three days more than other brands. I have no plans to change. Quality through and through here.

  15. $1.56 per 5 blade cartridge!
    That is what the Harry’s cartridges cost if you buy 16 for $25. Free shipping, whenever you desire.
    There is no need to sign up for any monthly plans.
    The creams work well and smell nice.
    The blades give a smoother shave than the Gillette Fusion or the Shick Hydro5. They seem to last longer too.
    With any of the coupon codes offered online, you can get the starter kit with handle, shave cream or gel-foam, and 3 blades for $10.

  16. I’ve been using DSC products for about a year. I shave pretty much everyday and I find their products are just as quality of anything I’ve used before. Other than possibly buying razors on amazon I think they are reasonably priced and delivered to the door. I used to purchase bulk razors from Costco. Their shave butter is great and so is their after shave lotion. I have very dry sensitive skin and I’ve tried a lot of razors and products and DSC brand works well. I’ve not tried Harry’s but I’ve heard good things about them too. As far as being stuck in a “plan” I found it to be pretty easy to change or stop shipment; I had razors piling up at my house and I stop delivery for a few months and then changed my plan to every other month.

  17. I’ve been using Harry’s for about two weeks and love the set up. Was using Gillette blades but at $17 every two weeks is quiet a bit. Like most I’m not in any plan I just order what I need and I do order the larger can of shaving gel and the after shave in large and I am completely happy. Just ordered 8 razor blades with 5 blades on cartridge for $15.00 which would be $34 at Kroger where I live plus tax. So I will keep Harry’s. And they also have some very cool shaving handles, yes I know pretty lame but one can be engraved. I’m older so appeals to me. Be Well my friends.

  18. After reading all the reviews and comments above, I have chosen to try out Harry’s. I’ve never been part of any shave club as i only have to shave about 1 maybe 2 times a week pending on meeting or what not for work. Blades should be here in about 1 week, will be back to leave my own feedback. Thanks guys.

  19. I too have left DSC’s for Harry’s. In all honesty, I’m a twice a week shaver and Harry’s blades are far superior. I have sensitive skin and while DSC’s Shave butter is really good, the blades just don’t work for me. I used DSC for about two months and have been with Harry’s for over 6 months. The shave with Harry’s is just as good if not better than the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

  20. I have recently joined DSC but am not super impressed with their shaves, but the price is great! I ordered the mid-line razor and it performs about on par with a comparable Gillette, but I do have super coarse hair so I chew up blades in a few days. I recently started shaving my head as well so I may order some Harry’s stuff since I will be shaving every day now. Anyone here have experience shaving their head with either of these products? In the meantime, I upgraded to the top-line razor from DSC and their shave butter hoping for a smoother shave

    1. I tried to use the dsc razor on my head, but quickly went back to my head blade. If you’re gonna shave your head, I recommend the head blade. Better control and I feel like I get a better shave. Yes you’ll have to buy razors for it, but I just got some generic ones that hold up as well as the gilette ones.

    2. I’ve used a Gillette Sensor for some time on my head. Works great. Ready to try Harry’s after reading these reviews and see if the shave is as good on my head. Passing on DSC. I normally use a blade on my head and outsides of my face and an electric razor (to reduce razor burn) on my upper and lower lip and chin.

    3. I shave my head with Harry’s about 4 times a week, I get a close smooth shave without cuts every time. I have been using Harrys about 1 month using the same blade. I signed up for the every six month plan can’t beat the price $30.00 for 8 blades and 2 shaving creams for a quality shave.

  21. My DCS razor just broke. I’m about to try Harry’s. I’m too grown to play with a cheap plastic razor. I’m not a happy camper.

  22. Just cancelled my DSC membership for Harry’s. DSC handle head broke, blades won’t latch on. Also, one month I got a poorly machined batch of blades, ended up cutting myself.

  23. I used to shave my face (and head) with Fusion Proglides. I absolutely loved them but it just killed me to pay $18-$20 for 4 razor blades. I tried DSC and while the price was right, I didn’t really care a lot for the blades. I only shave every couple of days and I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin but those blades pull a bit too much for my taste. After hearing a commercial for Harry’s and reading some reviews, I am going to give them a try.

  24. I have been using DSC’s humble twin for awhile, it works fine for me. I decided to move up a step to the 4x just to give it a try. Haven’t started using it yet, so I cannot comment. I decided to take a step up because it is only $6.00 per shipment and shipping is included. DSC does give you the option of shipping every other month, which also works for me. $36.00/year for blades, no hassle, auto shipped straight to the house? Tough to beat.

  25. Harry’s is the best. Great customer service(Questions answered in 24 hours!!!) and a great product… smooth shave, no nicks.
    A happy customer!! Bo

  26. I have been using Harry’s for a few years now, and think they have thoughtfully improved their products over time , with good selection … however, they have entered the realm of being a social advocate with the firm. Not agreeing or disagreeing with them, but after running a firm for some years, I wonder why they would work to build business and then alienate 1/3-1/2 of the customer base. Seems a bit of a poor choice. Not a fan.

  27. I haven’t tried Harry’s, but I can’t believe the negative comments about DSC. In my opinion the shave is superior to the Gillette or Schick’s I have used in the past, especially when you use the shave butter, which is just out of this world.

  28. I have been using Harrys for about two months. They are great. I used to have more cuts when I used the expensive gilletes. The one thing that I wish they changed is the way the blade snaps onto the handle. I have two different handles (orange and chrome) and I can’t leave the blade hanging from the shower caddie thingy like I used to because the handles see rate from the blades. It is like they do not attached tight enough. Not a big issue since I just lay them flat but thought I would mention it. They shave like a dream….for cheap.

  29. Good comments, really helped me decide to choose Harry’s over DSC to save some serious money on razor prices. I shave my face and head 6-7 days a week so my razor expense with Gillette Sensor is ridiculous. Hoping the shave is as close and comfortable.

  30. Harry’s rocks. I have been using Harry’s for about a year. I shave everyday and the razors are still pretty comfortable after 10 shaves. The customer service is fantastic. I had a razor break last year on the 10th shave and wrote them an email. I wasn’t complaining, just letting them know. Got a response right away and they sent me four new blades for free. I was using a clear shaving gel from Nivea and maybe there was something in it that made the flexible plastic deteriorate.

  31. I also like Harry’s. Blades last as long as Gillette fusion for about 1/2 price. The shave gel is better than the cheap stuff I usually buy. After a trial pack, I signed up custom plan, every 4 months, 8 blades, 2 gels.

  32. I decided to give Harry’s a try and I am VERY pleased with the product quality and shave it gave me. My skin is very sensitive and it has been years since I could find a good store bought blade that didn’t bite as much as it shaved. I am happy to report this is no longer the case with Harry’s. The blades and included cream gave me the closest shave I could remember and I am averaging about 6 good shavings per insert.

  33. I signed up for the DSC 4x razor plan and my first batch of blades had too much of a bite on my first shave. All four were like this. They felt like my Gillette razors do after 2 months of use. I didn’t wait for a second batch. I recently received my Harry’s razors and the difference is night and day. I’m sold on Harry’s!

  34. After reading these comments I think I need to go the Harry’s route. I do have a suggestion for those that are trying to get max life on your blades. I am a daily shaver with a heavy beard. After going through blades once a week, (Gillette Fusions) I was getting sick of of $24.00 a month for blades. My friend from the UK suggested I try a shave oil instead of a shave cream. He stated that the reason the blades wear out so quickly is that they rust when you use standard shave cream and rinse with water. I went to Walmart and they have a “magic shave oil” and I have been using that ever since. The blades stay sharp for a month easily since there is a light coating of oil left on the blade. I have to replace when the moisture strip is worn off. I have tried everything from super cheap barbasol to super expensive Mary Kay mens shave products. The shave oil is the secret to a great shave and long lasting blades.

  35. I have tried both Harry’s and DSC for an extended period of time. Harry’s is better, though I wish the razor handle was a swivel type. In the end I have always gone back to Gillette Mach 3 bought at Costco, its not that much more when comparing the cost per shave, and it is much better.,

  36. I stumbled across a Harry’s advt before I saw the dsc solicitation. So I chose Harry’s. Glad luck was in my favor. By reading the ” comments”, I have the right one. My shaves are WAY better than the $32 for 8 blades I was using. My wife said my face is smoother than ever. Another reason these blades are better was my last two blade purchasing experience at the super market. The first one was that I couldn’t find where the blades were located. Not anywhere near the rack of razor handles. I finally asked someone in Customer Service. I followed her to an aisle where they were locked up. She unlocked the vault and handed my razors. She said that they experienced a lot of thieves that stole them. My next trip there were no clerks available so I drove to a Walgreens and purchased them. Home delivery wins.
    Lenny Baby

  37. People tend to forget that Harry’s not only had the better razirs, they have a fantastic shave cream. I can get razors anywhere but finding a source of high quality shave cream is more difficult. I will be buying Harry’s products for ever.

  38. I took the Harry’s VS Gillette challenge.

    I used the best Gillette had to offer.
    I shave every other day.
    I did half my face with Gillette and the other half with Harry’s.
    After a few shaves, I felt Gillette’s blades begin to tug at my stubble, while Harry’s was still giving me a smooth shave on the other side.
    After about 8 shaves, I had to change Gillette’s blade
    I’ve since started using the remaining time to shave my entire face with Harry’s blade, and got another 3 WEEKS of every other day full face shave from Harry’s.

    IMO, Harry’s blades are better precision made to last, and NEVER cut me. I can’t say that about Gillette’s 20.00 4 pack cartridges

  39. I started with Dollar Shave but I am now switching to Harry’s. There customer service is horrendous at Dollar Shave. I was so nice and just wanted a simple reply back and they would not like they did not care at all about my business, terrible customer service at Dollar Shave dot com. I am glad there are other options now for the shave delivery which is a great concept.



  40. I tried Harry’s today for the first time. Close shave, but I did need to shave twice. That could be just me getting used to the razor. I will re-order.

  41. I started using Harry’s about three weeks ago after getting fed up with cheap drug store disposable blades. For $30. I got the Truman razor, nine blade cartridges and two cans of shave cream. On me, shaving every two or three days, a blade lasts two weeks. The shave cream is great. It only takes a dollop about the size of a quarter to provide plenty of cream for the face and a smooth shave results. As long as the quality stays consistent I’ll stay with Harry. Quiet frankly it’s the best shave I’ve ever had.

  42. Agree that this is a good honest review. I too liked the high end of Harry’s. i signed up. My first week saw a very close, clean, consistent shave every time I used the blade. I did not order the shave cream. Maybe as a birthday present to myself next year. We’ll see…


  44. I just joined DSC because I was sick and tired of paying $24 for a pack of 4 Gillette Fusion ProGlide replacement cartridges. I received my 4x razor, 4 blade cartridges, and a tube of Dr. Carvers shave butter, and shaved with this system three times now. I have mixed feelings about the blades. While I haven’t had any nicks or cuts, my face felt a bit irritated – more so than with the ProGlide blades. The DSC blades just don’t seem quite as sharp. The shave butter feels like hair conditioner but seems to work well. I really want to quit Gillette, so I think I will try Harry’s as an alternative. The DSC products are probably good enough, and the price is right. But if Harry’s blades are better than DSC’s, I will probably commit to a recurring payment program. Home delivery and no tax is a major attraction for both Harry’s and DSC. More later.

  45. This is an update of my previous comments above. I ordered a Harry’s Winston starter set with the shave cream and the foaming shave gel. It was love at first pull. The Harry’s blades are definitely sharper and smoother than DSC blades. In addition, I really like the way the blade pivots with more tension than does the DSC razor. This allows the ability to better control the angle and pressure of the blade against your face. The shave cream is pretty nice, but it thick and clogs the blades. However, the foaming shave gel is wonderful. It smells great and foams up nicely leaving a slick lather that rinses out of the blade easily. Comparing the DSC and Harry’s products, Harry’s wins hands down. The recurring product delivery plans are customizable in both programs, and are both comparable in price – both are substantially cheaper than Gillette. I’m sold on Harry’s.

  46. I use the. Executive fromD.S.C. at 9.00 per month with no shipping charge—there never was—and it’s the best shave I ever had and never had a problem with the handle, not one time. The Executive is the best, the way to go. You won’t be sorry.

    1. I, too, use the Executive. I felt like the lower tiers on the DSC tugged a bit too much on my skin. However, the executive gives as close and smooth of a shave as anything Guillette offers me at a fraction of the price. I am not knocking Harry’s, I have not tried any, but I have no reason to stray from the DSC Executive. I did have a broken handle a year or so back, but I dropped a note to their customer service and had another in a few days along with several samples of their other products.

      To me part of the reason I go the shave club route is that I don’t want to use the same blade until it finally atarts to cut me (which is what many of us do when we are doing the retail store thing, because of the ridiculous costs). I use a blade maybe six times max and chunk it for a nice, sharp fresh one, and I still come out a lot cheaper than the big boys.

  47. It should be noted that a lot of the razors on Amazon are counterfeit and are subpar quality. Even those that are “fulfilled by Amazon” can sometimes be counterfeit.

  48. I just ordered Harry’s and the quality is hands down better than what I’ve been using, which is the store bought brands. The shave was amazing! I was approaching that from a cost and convenience perspective. But, I now see the value of a high quality product and Harry’s fits the bill for me.

  49. Next time you do a comparison review of some sort of service, don’t forget to REVIEW THE PRODUCT. If I was able to source the BICs or some knock-off and sell them at $0.05 each, then I’D be the winner. But that’s only cost (and other than the one comparison between the DSC cheapo and a BIC, you didn’t even price out cost per cartridge, either). There also seems to be product quality and shave quality issues with some of the various products from DSC–broken handles, broken cartridge!, poor shaving (probably because of the increased spacing between blades)(this according to many online reviews of razors, shaving clubs, cartridges, etc.). I have also read that DSC cartridges are actually from DORCO, but of course marked up to make up the profit margin such that DORCO is obviously cheaper (plus they don’t spend money on TV advertising). And you couldn’t include others like ShaveMob, Gillete, Schick and others at least for a more thorough price comparison? Maybe the cost of an electric razor? Or a straight razor and leather strop? Overall–kind of lazy and not nearly as informative as you could have been , even with just the two services that you did review.

  50. I’ve been seeing the dscs commercial for a while now, so I went to check out their web page and this comparison review came up in the search, and I’m glad I read it. After reading the review and all the feed back I’m going to start with Harris is it? I didn’t even know there’d be a variety. But

  51. I figured I would chime in since I’ve used both products. I began with Harry’s razors. I was impressed with the amount of product included in the initial kit. The shave foam/gel, the blades, and the razor handle was a great deal for $10 (I had a $5 coupon). The shave was fine, nothing mind blowing, but it did the job. I quickly came across a problem which became too tedious for me to deal with. The blades on Harry’s razors are ‘arched’ or ‘angled’, however, you want to look at it. Because of this, they clog up very quickly. I found it very difficult to clear this out. I have a long history with Gillette (Mach3 and Fusion), and NONE of the methods I used to clear clogs would work on Harry’s blades. The only thing that would work for me was to take something thin (like a business card) and force it between the blades to push the debris out. For me, this was a necessary process each time I shaved. I emailed Harry’s and they were nice enough to give me suggestions on how to prevent or easily rectify this. I had tried all but one of their suggestions. The only one I hadn’t tried was ‘taking shorter shave strokes’. I feel I gave this an honest effort, but it didn’t make any difference for me. Maybe I still didn’t take short enough passes. I eventually decided Harry’s wasn’t for me. I’ve been shaving with a blade for 10+ years, and to me, it’s not worth it to change my shaving style so drastically to make Harry’s work for me.

    I recently decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try. Similar model as Harry’s, but more options. I opted for the ‘Humble Twin’ to start with, their cheapest model. It arrived in a small brown box fairly quickly after I ordered (cost $3). This came with a shave butter sample and (5) double blade cartridges. The handle is inexpensive, and very light weight, but that’s what I paid for. I’ve only used it for two days so far, but I have to say I’m actually super impressed! No clogging whatsoever and I’m getting a nice smooth shave with minimal cuts. Another cool thing that I found with DSC is their referral system. For each person you sign up, you get a $5 credit towards any of their stuff.

    Harry’s makes some good quality stuff, but it just wasn’t right for me. DSC seems to be a better fit for my style. I had some reservations with going for the ‘Humble Twin’ system, but so far I have no complaints and I’m sticking with it. Thanks!

  52. DSC’s blades are IDENTICAL to Dorco’s blades. You can buy a Kleenex sized box of Dorco blades for about $30 and it’s lasted me well over a year. I’m not sure why no one has figured this out yet as I’ve seen several articles stating that Dorco manufactures DSC’s blades for them, that’s how I learned about it.

  53. I have not used Harry’s was wondering about the product why I read this. I have been using DSC for over a year handle has not broke and always get a great shave so don’t get some of these post. I use the exective blades love how you can turn it over and it has a single blade on it where I can get just under my nose. I don’t have to shave many times to get a close shave. Only 9$ a month is alot cheaper than 31 for harry’s. Now from what I read is harry’s send 8 blades so that would be 18$ DSC compaired to 31 for Harry’s

    1. Harry’s is $31 an order, not a month and I’m sure you would feel the difference is worth the extra. Just an all around better product than DSC.

  54. Just joined Harry’s. Three shaves in (daily shaver) and I am very happy. Far better shave with Harry’s shave gel and razors over my old Barbasol and Gillette disposables. Blades are a bit bulky for those of us accostom to two/three blade razors. Looking forward to another great shave tomorrow.

    Will repost if I don’t get good life out of blade.

    I have no comment on DSC. Funny commercials, but I think Harry’s is a more professional.

  55. I started out with DSC for 3 months. I wasn’t getting a very good shave. I switched to Harry’s executive and now I actually enjoy shaving. I would recommend Harry’s to anyone who wants to know.

  56. I’ve been with DEC for over a year now and have NEVER been impressed with their blades. I have a heavy beard, shave daily and bleed at least weekly with DSC. Just made the switch to Harry’s and can hardly wait to try them. On the flip side……my wife loves the DSC razor for her legs and “other” areas so, I guess they got that going for them.

  57. I’ve been using Harrys for about three years now. great service and great packaging. I did update to one of the newer rubberized handles about six months ago, however, my original is still going strong for my wife. I’m a day shaver basically, and I do shave with a shower mirror so cleaning is never a problem. My blades easily last 2 weeks or more. In three years I’ve never once cut myself where with Gillette it was easily a once a month thing, both my wife and daughter love the Harrys razors because they are long lasting and again, they have totally eliminated cuts. I’ll never go back to another razor.

  58. Been with Harrys since the get go. Quality product at a good price
    Matter of fact the blades have gotten even better than the originals when Harrys started
    Just order when needed
    Each blade lasts a long time and glides across your my face with precision
    I got Harrys when a top of the line brand nicked my face .
    Far as I’m concerned, Harrys is a winner

  59. I normally use a double blade razor, but this is not a good option when travelling, which I do a lot for work. That is how I got turned on to Harry’s, which I have in my travel kit. I am impressed with the quality of the product and the results of the shave. The precision trimmer is a great feature!

    In the process of convincing the women in the house to give this a try, so that we can just order a common set of blades…..;-)

  60. I have recently begun using Harry’s razors. It was driving me crazy spending $4.00 a blade for Gillette Fusion blades. Harry’s are same high quality, and less than half the price. I am very fussy and these blades are good. Would recommend without hesitation.

  61. I recently tried both Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club 4 blade option.

    I found Harry’s cartridges not to be as well constructed as Dollar Shave Club but Harry’s blade a much sharper and longer lasting than Dollar’s. It was the plastic of the Harry’s cartridge that failed even though I felt that the blades were still sharp enough to be useful.

    Though I felt that Harry’s had the better blades both delivered a close shave. Dollar’s blades had a seemingly strange effect in that it appeared that the whiskers of my beard took longer to grow out.

    With all consideration, both blades gave an almost equally good shave. I think Harry’s is the better choice of the two because it appears to be the more economical choice because even with the plastic cartridge failure I was able to get more close shaves from one cartridge than Dollar’s.

    I my lifetime of shaving, the best blades I ever used were:
    Personna M5 Magnum System Handle. I found it as part of a free rebate promotional offer from Rite Aide. This was one of the best blades I ever used. Hard to find in stores these days but I would say it would be worth a try.
    The all time best shave “system” Gillette Mach 3 Power Razor. The three blades are perfect for a close shave and easier to rinse clean for the next stroke. I feel the “Power” part of the handle helped the blades go through my beard even after not shaving for a few weeks. I was able to get multiple shaves from the blades but this might be assisted by the vibrating handle. I am not sure why Gillette is trying to phase out the Mach 3 blades/systems, they, for me are far better than the Fusion. I guess the Fusion’s extra blades allows Gillette to charge more than what they are truly worth.

    Thank you.

  62. I used DSC for 4 shipments then cancelled. I first selected a 3 blade – wasn’t a very good shave, so upgraded to the 4 blade. Much better shave, but the blades would only provide a close and comfortable shave for about 3 shaves.

  63. Also fed up with $16-20 cartridge package of 4 for Schick and Gillette, so went online and figured I’d try both DSC and Harry’s as they both had a trial package.
    I did this on a Friday night after regular business hours. DSC’s package arrived the following Friday – less than one week. As of today’s mail Harry’s package is nowhere to be found and I went on their site and cancelled their shaving package plan. They were due to ship the next package of blades in two days and I haven’t even received the trial package. To me customer service is important and Harry’s ain’t got it. As for the DSC package – the Executive is a good quality blade and the handle is firm. Totally satisfied.

  64. Have used both so figured I’d leave my 2 cents:
    Tried DSC about 4 years ago. The 3 blade razor didn’t prove very good so went with the 4 blade razor. Was decent, but after about 6 months I stopped ordering because I had 6 or so extra blades. Recently decided to try again, as I am fed up with paying the ridiculous prices for Gillette or Schick blades.
    Ordered from both DSC and Harry’s on a Friday night, 7:30PM local time, and I knew it was past their business hours. Surprised when I received an email from DSC on Saturday that stated my order had been processed and shipped. Nothing from Harry’s until the following Weds. Received my DSC order 6 days after I ordered – that includes a weekend and a federal holiday. Harry’s showed up 12 days after I ordered.
    Ordered from both the 5 blade shaving cartridges. Only real difference between them, other than what I will discuss, is DSC has a trimmer blade; Harry’s does not.
    Harry’s order came with a trial sized foaming shaving gel – works great.
    Now to the actual shaves. I usually only shave every other day. My beard/stubble has become increasingly tough the past few years (guess that’s what happens when you get old). Both blades performed great for the first two shaves, then there was a fairly noticeable drop off.
    Shave 3 from Harry’s caused minor irritation and skin burn. DSC did not.
    Shave 4 from Harry’s was about worthless and I had to finish it with the DSC blade.
    Shave 5 from Harry’s led me to throw the entire thing (blade and handle) in the trash can. DSC gave me a decent shave on shave 5, but did notice a big of tugging.
    For me this is a no brainer. Throw in customer service and getting your order to you in a timely fashion, the quality of the product, etc., and Dollar Shave Club has my business.

  65. Decided to pick up the gauntlet of comparison. Came away with a clear winner(s).

    1. Re: THE important element in this … the blades, no contest … Harry’s German-made blades seem to be consistently superior to Dollar Shave Club’s. The latter regularly nick me. The former, not yet, smoother shave, seem to provide consistently close, more comfortable, less bloody shave

    2. The razor … Really like the DSC high-end handle, but that’s more style than substance. The feel of the handle is momentary, during the shaving process. The end-result is all-day. I do like the colors and rubberized-type feel of Harry’s handles, too. No clear winner, or better said, no clear loser here.

    3. The side-burns / tough-spot trimmer … again, clear winner. While DSC’s trimmer works ine on the ‘burns, it is not for tough-spot shaving. A REAL killer, in fact, if one attempts to nail under the nose, etc. Harry’s does both ‘burns and tough spots well. This is a big plus for Harry’s.

    4. DSC’s design seems to prevent even moderately challenging spots from being closely cut.

    5. The lather … Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter! Terrific stuff. Harry’s is fine and dandy, but not like Dr. Carver’s, imo. My guess is this is a personal preference issue. But I do like the shave butter better.

    6. Sale plan. I much prefer Harry’s menu and buy-as-needed plan to DSC’s default position of “gotta tell us to stop, or you’re gettin’ it” approach.

    Have not yet tried the post-shave balms. I’ll report if/when I get them.

    I was a loyal DSC guy … Harry’s made me a believer.


    Harry’s plays a dirty game with Canadian customers. They use a Canadian website domain, yet list prices in American dollars with no indication that they are in American dollars. Furthermore, they never inform the customer that they are paying / have paid in American dollars, not during check out, not even on the emailed receipt.

    I found out only because I happened to look at my credit card statement. I had paid 35% more than Harry’s and I agreed upon in my order.


    Please note that they did refund my money (because I was lucky enough to catch it quickly), but they refused to comment on or change this practice of intentionally lying/misleading customers.

  67. I real like the Harry’s blade and products more. However, being a canadian Customer doesn’t make it worthwhile to buy them anymore. It is cheaper to buy a gilette product here then to have them ship Harry’s to Canada and they charge 6$ for shipping.

    I have decided to give DSC a try.

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