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Great Wolf Lodge Discounts For Military, Nurses, First Responders

Great Wolf Lodge Heroes Discount

Great Wolf Lodge has discounts for the military, veterans, first responders, nurses, and medical professionals. So when booking your next trip to any of their locations you’ll want to use the link below which will activate an offer and give you a promo code for up to 25% off your trip.

Discount: 25% Off For Military, First Responders, Nurses And More (Click To Activate)

Heroes Discount Requirements And Fine Print

The Great Wolf “Heroes Discount” or “Howling Heroes Discount” gives you up to 25% off your stay. This discount applies to stays from Sunday through Thursday (the discount is excluded on Fridays and Saturdays). There are a few other possible exclusions such as major holidays. You also cannot apply this discount with other select promotions and deals.

As of right now, the discount applies to military (active, retired, and veteran), fire, emergency medical service personnel, doctors, nurses, 911 dispatchers, police, and correctional officers. You must provide some sort of identification from your place of work that verifies your profession to be able to apply the Heroes discount at check-in. The eligible person must be present at the time of check-in and each room must have someone at least 21 years of age or older present.

Their website lists the locations where the promo code is valid. It seems like most of their locations are listed in the drop-down found on their website, so it would seem that the discount is valid for all locations unless there are restrictions on certain dates. The locations where the promo code is valid are subject to change. So always check the discounts page of the Great Wolf website to see if the 25% off code works for you.

Great Wolf Lodge Military And Veterans Discount

Their military and veterans discount is up to 25% off the total booking. The discount applies to all current active-duty military, retired, and veterans.

You can use the code online, but in order to receive the discount the qualified person to receive the discount must show their military ID, DD-214, or other valid ID in person.


Great Wolf Lodge Nurses And Healthcare Workers Discount

Their healthcare workers discount includes doctors, nurses, and other select medical professionals as shown on their website. This discount can be up to 25% off your total. You will need to show some sort of identification when you check in to your location. This can be anything from a hospital ID badge to other forms of work ID that show you’re eligible for the discount.


Great Wolf Lodge First Responders Discount

The first responders discount is also for up to 25% off your booking. According to their website, they have first responder discounts for police, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, correctional officers, fire, and more. You simply have to show a work ID when you’re checking in for your stay after using the promo code provided by using the link below.


The discounts are always subject to change and there can be restrictions on certain days or days of the week. To find more information on these discounts as well as other deals available check out their website at

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