Freshly Discounts For Students, Military and More

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In this guide, we break down all of the Freshly discounts and deals available to help you save on their ready-made meals. We will give you some of their best ways to save along with other discounts including military discounts, student discounts and more. Browse the featured deal below along with all of the available discounts.

Featured Discount: $40 Off For New Customers (Click To Activate)

Freshly Student Discounts

Freshly does currently have a student discount available through StudentBeans for 15% off your first 4 orders. In order to get this discount, you will have to go to the student discount section of Freshly and then verify your student status through StudentBeans.

This student discount will still be less than the $40 off deal for new customers that we’ve previously posted. The student discount and new customer offer cannot be combined. It’s still worth it for students to check out the student discount just in case the other discount doesn’t apply to their account.

Freshly Military Discounts

As of right now, Freshly does not offer any type of military discount or discounts to veterans or first-responders. This may change in the future, but we cannot currently find any information or discounts on their military discounts. There are still numerous other deals that can be used by new customers to help you get big savings.

We will update this section if Freshly starts offering a military discount. Until then, you can take advantage of the new customer deals for $40 off your first orders. This offer can be claimed by simply using the link provided.

Freshly Teacher Discounts

There are currently no teacher discounts available for Freshly.

Other Freshly Discounts and Deals

Most of Freshly’s deals are for new customers only. There is the occasional deal for returning customers who have paused or canceled there order along with those current customers who are still receiving meals.

The new customer deals are usually in the form of a link or sometimes a promo code. These deals range from 10% off to $40 off your orders. The deals usually work by giving you a certain percentage or dollar amount discount on your first three orders instead of giving it to you all at once. You can browse their website below to find any current offers and to see what meals are shipping this week.

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