FreedomPop Review (Pros and Cons)

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Review Update: This review has not been updated in some time, so some or all of the information may be out of date. You can find more information on Freedom Pop pricing, plans, and more by using the link provided below. We will be writing a new review soon with more information on all of their wireless plans and products.
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FreedomPopFreedomPop is known for their free phone and wireless internet. In this review of FreedomPop we look at their free services and beyond to give you insights on if free and cheap is really worth it. Check out the updated guide below to help you figure out whether their services are right for you.

Quick Review: FreedomPop is a decent choice for extremely light users taking advantage of their free service and WiFi calling, but most users will not be satisfied with slower data speeds and coverage.

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Is FreedomPop Free?

Free phone service from FreedomPopThe main thing consumers ask about FreedomPop is if it’s actually free. They advertise their free phone and wireless internet, but is it actually free? The answer is yes for the most basic service plan. This plan comes with 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500 MB of data.

The free basic plan is just about as bare-bones as it gets. Most people will use up the 500 MB of data very quickly, even without streaming or downloading. This plan is meant to cover the very basic needs of those who really don’t need much and also get you hooked on their other paid plans. The basic plan is 100% free for anyone who signs up and uses a compatible device. Most CDMA AT&T and T-Mobile devices will work with their plans along with any of the cheaper devices they sell within their online store.

There are no contracts or obligations with the free plan and you can cancel whenever. One major upside is that they do allow WiFi calling, so those who usually have WiFi available could get away with just using the free service.

Another way to get more data and keep your bill at $0 is to complete their partner offers. FreedomPop allows you to complete select offers from their partners to receive a certain amount of data and other perks each time. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind doing things like surveys and so on then this is an easy way to get a little more data.

FreedomPop Pricing

The pricing for FreedomPop can be confusing. They do have a free plan, but they also offer numerous paid plans. The free or basic plan will come with 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB’s of data. The other paid plans come with unlimited texts and minutes along with 1GB of data each month. You can choose to pay for this plan by the month for $19.99 per month or just pay $79.99 and be covered for the entire year.

There are many other options that can be added to your plan and in order to even see the pricing you need to go right into the exact thing you want and put in the information. Their website doesn’t allow you to get clear pricing until you essentially set everything up. We did detail the publically available plans and pricing below to help you figure out what you’ll be paying for their most popular plans.

  • Basic Plan: 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB for $0/month
  • Monthly Plan: Unlimited texts and minutes plus 1GB per month for $19.99/month
  • Yearly Plan: Unlimited texts and minutes plus 1GB per month for $79.99/year
  • find more details on all plans

Our Take: FreedomPop could work for those who just need a very basic phone and are usually on WiFi. If you’re someone who uses your phone a lot and uses even a small amount of data then this probably isn’t the right choice for you. Those on a very limited budget could find this as a solid choice for a home phone using the WiFi, but for the most part, it’s hard to find a real use case for someone needing this device outside of that for the free services. If you’re willing to pay for a yearly plan then you can make light use of the phone work as your main device. Overall FreedomPop isn’t built for the mass consumer but could save a very light phone user a lot of money if you can get over a few of the downfalls.

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This review was last updated on May 31st, 2017.

Latest FreedomPop Deals

We post all of the latest deals for FreedomPop below. We’ve seen everything from promo codes to receive 10% off to deals where you can get up to 50% off your phone. These deals are updated regularly to help you save on the already low prices of FreedomPop plans and phones.

  • Phones At 50% Off – Follow the link to access the FreedomPop store where you can get phones that work with their plans at up to 50% off the regular price.
  • $10 For Unlimited Talk and Text – Take advantage of promotional pricing and get unlimited talk and text for as low as $10 per month. You can also receive discounts on your devices no matter if you’re purchasing a new device or trading in your old phone.

You may also be interested in other reviews of cheaper wireless carriers such as Total Wireless and Mint Mobile. These reviews detail all of the information you need to know before purchasing such as coverage pricing, plans and more.

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  1. Leave any questions or comments here and we will do our best to answer. You can also leave your own reviews of FreedomPop here.

    1. Constant issues with Freedompop Phone

      I purchased Freedompop phone in February of 2017 and just closed my account. in that time there was not a period of clearly working phone. It is laborious to send in the problem, wait for them to respond, phone for help, and be given a person without English skills and YOU have to go into the phone following poorly spoken directions and fix it yourself. First the voice mail would not work,Took them two weeks to get that sorted out. Then it had 22 seconds for people to leave a message, then CUT OFF. I sent it in as a problem and was told they could not change that.
      Here is the list I sent in Four days ago.
      1. the voice mail messages are given 22 seconds before it cuts them off.
      2. I cannot message out because I am “not allowed?????”
      3. no one can message in.
      4. I have to fix the issues with lengthy instructions that NEVER match my phone.
      5. I am getting marks when I change screens.
      6. keypad will not come up just the voice activation. SO I cannot follow instructions…..UGH
      7. I have a banner across the top of home screen…well all screens. Looks like a ticker tape…I cannot get rid of it…
      I gave up and have a Boostmobile. Please think twice before committing to Freedompop.

  2. We’ve updated this review with a deals section to help you find any deals available from FreedomPop. Most of these deals are for phones and other devices that will work with your FreedomPop plans.

    1. Just looking over your post, I just signed my daughter up for the free plan… Their free plan changed to 200mb of internet… Just an fyi if you wanted to update the info. :)

  3. I liked Freedom pop in the begging but it does have some quirks. The phone portion completely shut off on me at one point (no reception) after about a week they stepped in to help. A couple of times they over charged me for things that I was unaware of. Most recently my friends were saying that when I send pictures their phones completely shut down and can’t seem to be fixed. I’ve decided to only use it for free text. I decided it is not that reliable and there are too many quirks that need to be ironed out.

    1. Oh and one last thing. I signed up for free 500mb then it went down from that to 300mb and now its 200mb. They will change things on you without warning!

    2. Thanks for the feedback. There does seem to be some problems with the quality of the service, but that can be expected when it’s free. It does seem to be a good free backup service for most and others could use the premium plans, but if someone is wanting quality service throughout the country then they are probably better off with a major carrier such as Verizon or AT&T.

  4. 081817 – They are offering a SIM card (includes 2 sizes) for only 99 cents (normally 3.99) to use with any phone that has Android 4.4 and up). BUT, BUT, BUT, when you sign up, they want to charge you an additional 89.94 for the first 6 months. Their pop-up says that once you set up an account, you can go to your account and choose FREE.
    BUT, BUT, BUT, why would I say, OK, charge me 89.94 + 99 cents, and then you will refund me the 89.94? They do say the first month is free, but I will not agree to any charge over 99 cents. If you want me to sign up later for the 89.94 plan, then let ME decide at that time.
    They should be called ChargePop.

  5. In November of 2016 I purchased 2 Wifi hotspots, Mifi® 500 4G LTE by Novatel Wireless from the company FreedomPop.

    I also purchased their Premium 4G plan for both devices as well.

    For several months I had exceptional service, that worked fairly well in most environments until July/August of 2017. The service deteriorated to 3G to only displaying 1 out of 4 signal bars. Rendering the device to not be able to surf the web or even download files due to extremely poor speed.

    As of December 8th of 2017 I filed a complaint with my dissatisfaction of the service via email. I had previously called their company several times with absolutely no answer. Even going as far as to make a visit to their office in West Los Angeles during normal business hours on a Tuesday at 3 pm with no one even being there at the premises.

    As of December 11, a representative, Christian P, finally responded:

    “It is our understanding that you are unable to get support and that your device only shows 1 Bar of signal. I’m sorry to know this situation but I’ll be glad to help you out.”

    Furthermore giving me the same number I called several times with no answer.

    Another attempt to contact them was made December 26th in which I spent exactly 30 minutes on the line with absolutely no answer.

    I was finally able to reach them December 27th, being told that one of the devices was suspended due to them not being able to bill the account, however the bill was already paid for December and not due until January. I had placed a temporary block on the account due to lack of communication on their end.

    I have tried to withdraw my credit-card information as well as my wife’s, however the system has kept all the information. They claim to be no contract, no commitment & able to cancel anytime, but have been nothing but fraudulent the entire duration of this episode.

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