Free LLC Formation Services For Veterans

Veterans Business Formation (Free LLC)

If you’re a veteran starting a business then you can take advantage of free LLC formation services and waived state filing fees. We have a full guide below showing which states offer free LLC filing along with the best services to use if you’re needing expert help at no extra cost.

Best Free LLC Formation Services For Veterans

  • Top Choice: ZenBusiness (Starting at $0) – ZenBusiness offers free LLC formation including experts who can help veterans figure out if state filing fees are waived in your state.
  • Another Option: IncFile (Starting at $0) – IncFile is another great option if you’re needing basic LLC formation. They offer free LLC formation, but you may have to contact customer support to see if your state filing fee is waived.
    • Waived State Filing Fee For Veterans

      Many states waive the filing fee for veterans making your LLC 100% free, even when you use a free LLC formation service. Not all states have this offer available, but most states offer some sort of discount when you file your LLC as a veteran.

      Every state has different programs so the amount you save can be different with a few states waiving the state filing fee entirely. Some of the states require the business to be 50% veteran owned, while others require 100% veteran owned to receive these discounts. Most of the business formation companies such as LegalZoom and ZenBusiness can walk you through your available options.

      Here are a few states with examples of their free LLCs for veteran-owned businesses below. We will continue to add more states to this list with information about their waiving of LLC filing fees as we get the information.

      Waived LLC Formation Fees For Veterans By State

      • California – Through CalVet the state of California waives many fees associated with starting a business when your business is majority owned by an honorably discharged veteran. You will have to go to their website to see if your business qualifies.
      • Florida – More information coming soon.
      • Georgia – More information coming soon.
      • Michigan – Michigan seems to waive some of the fees associated with running a business in the state, but they do not currently waive the state filing fee. This seems to change back and forth over the years so it may be worth it to double-check with the Michigan Secretary of State office as well as an expert with an LLC formation service.
      • New York – More information coming soon.
      • Texas – Texas has waived the business formation fee for veteran-owned businesses. The state does require that the business be 100% veteran owned.
      • Washington – More information coming soon.
      • West Virginia – Veterans in West Virginia can get filing fees waived through their “Boots to Business Waiver.” This waiver will waive any state filing fees and give you 4 years of annual reports for free. The only stipulation we see is the business must be 51% or more owned by a veteran.

      The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also has programs to help select veterans in starting their businesses and they will help find any discounts available. This program takes more time and is only available to select veterans, so we would recommend you use one of the free LLC programs or state programs unless you have no other options.

      Services Offering Free LLC Formation To Veterans

      We’ve mentioned ZenBusiness and IncFile above as services that offer free business formation services. We will keep a list updated below of all the brands that offer free business formation services. Some of these services have the state filing fee waived for active-duty military and veterans while some will have to use their chat or phone features to get your plan changed.

      This page will be updated as we receive more information on which states waive their filing fees for veterans along with which services offer free business formation for veterans. You can also check out the other military discounts on our website for business products including LegalZoom military discount and IncFile military discount.

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