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When starting a business in Florida there are numerous free LLC formation services that will help you get set up at no extra cost. All you have to do is pay the state filing fee and these expert services can help you get your business set up for free.

Best Free (And Cheap) LLC Formation Services In Florida

  • Top Choice: ZenBusiness (Starting At $0) – ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC formation and business management tools on the market. They can help you get your LLC set up for free along with providing you with other services your business needs for an extra fee. They have very positive reviews overall with thousands of new businesses started each year.
  • Another Option: IncFile (Starting At $0) – IncFile was one of the first LLC formation brands to offer LLC formation for free. They’re still a great option if you need just the basics.

The services above are some of the best LLC formation companies that offer free LLC formation in Florida. They help you with all of the basics you need to get your LLC up and running. They also offer secondary services for a small fee such as registered agent services, website hosting, banking, accounting, compliance services, and much more.

These brands can offer you LLC formation for free by giving you the option to also use other services they offer that your company may need along with sending your information to other services you request such as small business banking from brands like Chase or Bank of America. All of the secondary services are optional when forming a free LLC, but many times your business will need these services, so it can make sense to get everything in one place.

Florida LLC State Filing Fee Fee

The filing fee to start an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Florida is $125. This is the fee paid to the state to form your LLC and get your business started. If you know the basics of forming an LLC you can do this yourself on the Florida SunBiz government website or for a small fee (sometimes free) you can have experts from an LLC formation company do it for you.

Recommended Florida LLC Formation Services

Top Choice: ZenBusiness (Starting At $0 + State Fees)
Another Option: IncFile (Starting At $0 + State Fees)

Other Costs When Starting An LLC In Florida (Required And Optional)

Annual Report Fee ($138.75) – If you have an LLC in Florida you will need to file an annual report each year. This fee is currently $138.75 and must be paid to the state before the specified time. You can simply pay the fee online through the Florida Secretary Of State website and fill in the information needed.

If you forget to pay this annual fee then you may be issued fines (currently around $400) and/or the state can shut down your business. Using a registered agent service can help you stay on top of all of the fees you need to pay. You can also sign up for notifications through the Florida SunBiz website.

Registered Agent Service ($50 To $150) – A registered agent is required in the state of Florida. The designated registered agent will be someone who is available during regular office hours at a location within the state to receive important documents like annual filing notices and license information along with notices of lawsuits and more.

You can choose to have a professional service act as your registered agent or you can be your own registered agent or name someone else as your registered agent as long as they fit all of the requirements. Many business owners use a professional service as the price is low and it removes the headache of having to be available at all times at that location and you wouldn’t have a lawsuit served at your main business address.

We recommend registered agent services such as Northwest Registered Agents which is around $125 per year or if you’re forming your LLC places like ZenBusiness will include their registered agent service into the plan free for the first year. Overall if you’re getting a professional registered agent the price shouldn’t be more than $150 a year unless you’re needing other services included.

LLC Formation Service ($0 to $500) – You don’t have to use an LLC formation service to start your LLC, but for many new business owners, this can be an easy way to make sure you get your company legally formed correctly and for a low price compared to use an attorney.

You can use a service like ZenBusiness that will use experts to help you form your LLC for free and all you have to pay is state fees. There are numerous other services that range in price, but we would recommend the basic services from most of these companies as the add-ons can get out of control and push the price up.

Licenses and Other Fees (Cost Varies) – Depending on the type of LLC you start there may be costs associated with licenses and other fees. You will have to check with the Florida Secretary Of State’s website along with local laws to see what licenses you may need. Someone from the state or local government can usually answer any questions you have about licenses. You may also want to check with business organizations such as the Florida Chamber of Commerce where they have employees on staff to answer questions for small businesses.

If you use an LLC formation service they can many times tell you which licenses and other paperwork you may need as they form your LLC.

EIN (Employer Identification Number) – You will need an EIN to hire employees or do other things like open a business bank account. This is free and easy to get through the IRS website once you’ve legally started your business. Some LLC formation services will include this free with select plans, but others will charge to help you get an EIN. This is simple enough that you shouldn’t be paying anyone to do it for you.

Cheapest Way To Form A Florida LLC

The lowest cost option to form an LLC in Florida is to do it yourself along with being your own registered agent and finding other ways to cut costs. Florida has SunBiz, which is one of the best platforms for setting up a basic LLC that we’ve seen from a state government. This also means getting your EIN through the IRS website along with signing up for any other services to start your business.

Professional services that help you form your business are getting much cheaper. If you get the basics and don’t sign up for multiple upsells (that are many times not needed) then these services may save you enough time and headaches to be worth your money. Places like IncFile even offer their basic plan for free.

Note: This information covers the basics of what it may cost you to start an LLC in Florida. There may be other fees, licenses, and costs associated with starting your business that isn’t mentioned here. Make sure you check with professional services and the Secretary of State website in Florida to get your business up and running.

Need help forming your LLC? Let the experts at ZenBusiness help you at a low price (starting at $0).

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