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Express Student Discount


Does Express have a student discount? Yes, Express does have a student discount which is currently 5% off your total in-store and online. Even though they do have a student discount you can actually get a better discount by using the link below and signing up for their email newsletter to get a 25% off code.

Discount: 25% Off Promo Code For Signing Up On (Click To Activate)

About Express And Available Discounts
Express is an American clothing brand that caters to young men and women. You can find popular styles of jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses, suits, and more. Along with clothes at great prices, they offer services that let you rent select clothing before you buy and offer a store credit card with numerous perks.

As we previously noted, Express does have a student discount which is currently 5% off. This isn’t usually anywhere close to the best discount they offer, so we recommend that you take advantage of signing up for their email list where they will send you an instant 25% off promo code that also doesn’t require any kind of verification. They have a lot of products within their sales and clearance section along with dozens of other coupons and codes to help you save.

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How do you verify that you’re a student to get the discount? To verify your student status you will use the student verification platform that Express uses which is Unidays. You will give some basic information along with information about your college or university. The service will then quickly verify that you’re a student and give you access to the discount.

Do students qualify for free shipping? There is no current student discount that gives you free shipping. There are some free shipping promo codes that become available, but the current free shipping offer is for any order over $50.

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