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Does Verizon Fios Have Contracts?

Short Answer: It Depends. Verizon Fios has contracts for bundles that also includes a price guarantee. Most of their services, such as stand-alone internet do not require a contract. You can also opt out of the contract bundles, but you’ll be paying a higher monthly price with no guarantee that the price won’t go up.

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When choosing your internet and TV provider you’ll want to know if you’ll be stuck in a long-term contract. Verizon Fios is one of the many providers that does have two-year agreements on select packages and bundles. So the answer to “does Verizon Fios have contracts” is, it depends.

Verizon Fios currently doesn’t have contracts on the majority of their plans. The only services in which you’ll have to sign up for a year or two-year agreement is their double-play and triple-play bundles. When you include TV or home phone along with your internet you’ll be locked into a contract which also helps keep the price down. You always have the option of opting for a no-contract bundle, but the price is much higher on these and usually not worth it. All of their stand-alone internet plans currently require no contract, even the Gigabit offerings.

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An upside of having a plan from Fios that has a contract is that they’ll give you a two-year price guarantee along with it. Since the fees on internet and cable seem to keep rising every year, it can lock in some savings if you know that you’ll be sticking with them during that two year period.

What Happens If You Break Your Contract?

If you have to move to an area without Verizon Fios or you decide to switch your provider then you will be charged some fees if you have a contract. The penalty for breaking the contract can vary, but it’s usually a certain dollar amount (around $15) for each month you have left on your contract while not exceeding a set amount. You’ll want to check with Verizon before canceling to see what exactly you would owe if you canceled as this changes regularly and can change depending on which bundle you purchase.

The early termination fees usually aren’t a huge deal as most of the competitors will pay a select amount of these fees for switching to their services.

Do Their Competitors Have Contracts For Internet and TV?

Some of the competitors to Verizon Fios have a similar setup. They have contracts for bundles in which you’re receiving a large discount but don’t have contracts for other plans where you don’t have multiple services bundled. Overall it seems like a lot of internet and cable providers are getting rid of their contracts as competition heats up. So you’ll probably see even less of Verizon’s products require contracts in the future.

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