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Does DirecTV Stream have a discount for nurses and other healthcare workers? No, DirecTV Stream does not seem to currently have a discount for nurses or other healthcare workers. They do however have other deals available (seen below) for new customers to help save big on their streaming plans.

Discount: $30 Off Your First 3 Months (Click To Activate)

About DirecTV Streams Discounts For Nurses and Healthcare Workers
DirecTV Stream is a live TV streaming service through DirecTV with all of the top channels including ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, Disney, and more. You can watch games from all of the top sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, and NCAA along with on-demand movies and shows.

Even though DirecTV Stream does not have a discount for healthcare providers, they do have numerous other deals available. We’ve featured the deal for $30 off your first 3 months. This deal will give you $10 off your bill each month for the first 3 months. This offer is for new subscribers only and can’t be applied to the account of existing customers.

There are other deals available for those choosing different streaming plans as well as promotions for larger discounts if you purchase their streaming device along with a plan. You can find all of the current promotions on their website by using any of the links provided.

This page will update if DirecTV starts offering a discount for nurses and healthcare workers. Use the link below to find any other current deals available.

Learn more about DirecTV Stream discounts at

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