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DirecTV Military Discounts

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You can use military discounts to save on both your DirecTV or DirecTV Now service. The discount, that’s available to both military and veterans, will give you $15 off your total monthly bill for each service once you’ve verified. You can still take advantage of other offers that DirecTV has unless otherwise noted.

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How Do I Claim My DirecTV Military Discount?

Claiming your military discount for DirecTV or DirecTV Now is easy. Depending on your status you’ll need to confirm your identification with AT&T/DirecTV either online using their system or at select local stores. We’ve broken it down in our quick guide below to help you quickly and easily verify your status to start receiving this discount.

  • Active-Duty Military – You can use your valid military ID or current paystub.
  • Veteran’s – You can use your Department of Defense Form DD214 indicating an honorable discharge, a valid retired Military ID, or current AMVETS membership card.
  • Spouses Of Active-Duty or Deceased Military Personel – if you’re the spouse of active-duty military personel or deceased military personel you can use your Department of Defense sponsorship card to claim the discount.

Remember that this discount can be combined with other pricing promotions and deals from DirecTV. In the past, we’ve seen deals that can be combined including $100 gift cards and big discounts on pricing for your first year.

Leave your comments and questions about military discounts for DirecTV and DirecTV Now below. We will do our best to answer any questions you have.

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  1. ATT will provide a discount to veterans for Direct TV and U-verse…IF…you also have wireless service. If you don’t have wireless service….then you can’t get a discount on tv and internet.

  2. AT&T makes it sound good, If they are going to make an offer they should spell it out. I have Directv but AT&T does not provide internet to my area, so NO discount available.

  3. How do I apply for my DirecTV military discount zip with u for 6 yrs your e mail doesn’t help at all need more info

  4. I have subscribed to Direct TV/ATT for TV satellite service for over a year. I recently learned about your discount for veterans. How do I submit documentation of my service to obtain the discount?

    Thank you

  5. I am a military veteran and a senior . I am 74 . how do i get the discount for my Direct Tv service .

  6. please give instructions as to how to apply for a military discount for Directv. The website doesn’t have a place to register.

  7. how do I verify my military discount qualification documentation for a $15 directv monthly discount?

  8. I just got off the phone with Direct TV and they said that the discount had expired. I had uploaded my DD214 for the discount on my phone back in the summer and was suppose to get the discount on both accounts. Now I will not be getting the $15.00 on Direct TV. Cable is looking better and better.

  9. I was told they do not offer this discount. They do offer a discount on AT&T phone service so you get an extra discount if you bundle. Sadly, the phone service coverage does not allow us to utilize. We need the service coverage of Verizon for the rural areas that we travel. We would appreciate a discount being offered for tv service only.

  10. Have tried several times to enroll in the military discount at local store and was told to call DirecTV directly, at which point I did call and was told to visit the store. So as I have found typical with DirecTv and AT&T received the run around and waste of time and energy and for what? found that everything DirecTv and AT&T offer seems to be a big waste of time or a huge undertaking only to be a bust in the end.

  11. Would like to apply for the military discount for DirecTV.
    I have the documentation proving that I am a veteran.
    How do I start to apply?

  12. their military discount is a joke. They told me that I wasn’t on a high enough direct tv plan. i have the choice plan. they are such a rip off, going back to dish when my contract runs out. I signed through Costco and that was a joke.

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