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Does Cox have a student discount? It appears that Cox does not currently have any student discounts available for their internet and cable services. Even though there isn’t a student discount they still do have numerous deals that students can take advantage of to save. Use the discount link below to find the latest deals from Cox.

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About Cox Student Discounts
Cox does not currently have any discounts or promotions that are specific to students. You can still save on your internet and cable in numerous ways with dozens of other deals offered by Cox along with bundles and new customer pricing. The best discounts available are for new customers looking for bundles that include internet and cable along with some new customers signing up for an internet-only plan. You can find deals specific to your address by using the search function on the Cox website.

We will update this page with new information if Cox starts offering student discounts or student internet plans. There hasn’t been a student discount that we know of for their internet, cable, or home security so we predict that a discount specific to students will not be available soon. Use the link below to find all of the latest deals on their website to help you save.


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