Are You Buying The Apple Watch? (Survey)

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Apple Watches

The Apple Watch hype is hitting its peak with pre-orders starting this Friday (4/10). Even though there’s a lot of hype, are people actually going to be going crazy to get their hands on the watch like they do with the new iPhone? We did a survey of select members to see how many people were interested in purchasing the new Apple Watch. Our survey was conducted with 500 members of our email newsletter to see who would be purchasing the watch. There were no pre-qualifying questions as we simply asked “Are You Planning On Buying The Apple Watch?” As you can see in the data below the results were very clear and it might not bode well for the latest product from Apple.

The Survey Data

Apple Watch Survey Graph

Yes: 8 (1.6%)
No: 492 (98.4%)

An overwhelming amount of those surveyed said that they’re not planning on purchasing the Apple Watch. Since this is more of a niche product it’s not completely surprising, but when you look at our past surveys about the iPhone it shows that demand will of course probably be nowhere near that of the iPhone. Of the 500 surveyed, around 98% (492) answered that they aren’t planning to purchase the Apple Watch. As pre-order sales start it will be interesting to see if the most hyped product within the “smart watch” category can hit projected sales numbers or if the watch will be a flop.

This survey was conducted using the responses of the first 500 members of our email newsletter. The survey was done using SurveyMonkey’s email survey tool. This is not a scientific survey. Press/Media can use this data with WalletHero cited as the source and can email for more information.

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