Bowflex Military Discounts and Deals (Up To 20% Off)

Bowflex reportedly has military discounts, but they can be harder to find than most. According to multiple sources, the best way to receive a military discount from Bowflex is to call the number on their website and they will verify over the phone what they need to apply the discount. You can also alternatively just use one of the promo codes on their website which can save you up to 25% off the regular price.

DEAL: Up To 20% Off Your Purchase From (click to activate)

You should still be able to purchase online using the promo code they give you or you can alternatively just place your order over the phone. Their military discount should work for those currently serving as well as veterans.

Bowflex usually has some type of deal available to get a discount similar to the military discount available when you call. The discounts on the Bowflex website for the general public are in the form of promo codes and will give you $100 to $1,000 off your purchase along with other promotional offers like free shipping. The military discount amount seems to be in the same range. We’ve seen discounts on most of their popular products including

You can find a few offers below to help you find the best discount along with applying your military discount.

More Military Discounts and Other Deals From Bowflex:

  • Get Bowflex Promo Codes For Up To $1,000 Off – continue through the link provided to find coupon codes on their website for up to $1,000 off select products. The discount varies depending on the product.
  • Up To 40% Off Bowflex At Amazon – follow the link to find Bowflex products on Amazon where they’re up to 40% off the regular price and most purchases include free shipping. The largest discounts we’ve seen of Bowflex products on Amazon are for the adjustable dummbells and home gyms.
  • Free Shipping Discount – use the link provided and find promo codes available for free shipping on select machines and Bowflex products. This can lead to over $100 in savings on your shipping costs by putting in the code at checkout.

Leave your questions and comments about military and veteran discounts from Bowflex below.

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  1. I would like to purchase the M3 for my military family in Hawaii, is there a military discount available, if so could I pay for this item?

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