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Blue Apron Student Discounts

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Does Blue Apron have student discounts? According to our research, Blue Apron does not currently offer a student discount. Even though they don’t offer a student discount they do have numerous deals to help you save on your first order including a deal for $60 off found below.

Discount: $60 Off Your First 3 Boxes (Click To Claim)

About Blue Apron’s Discounts and Deals
Blue Apron has numerous deals and discounts available. They currently do not offer any discounts specific to students, but they do have plenty of other deals to help you save on their meal delivery subscriptions. Almost all of the promo codes and discounts available are for new customers purchasing their first box, but there are some rare deals for existing customers.

The deal we have featured above for Blue Apron will give you $60 off your subscription. The deal works by giving you a set dollar discount on your first three boxes equaling a total discount of $60. The discount is activated by simply using the deal link above.

We will update this page with any new discounts for students if Blue Apron does start offering a student discount. You can find a link below to their official website to see what current offers are available to help you save.


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