Best Walmart Price Tracker (Price History, Comparison, and Alerts)

Walmart Price Tracking and Comparison
When you’re shopping at Walmart, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best price. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide on the best Walmart price tracker to help you track things like price history and compare prices along with setting up alerts on price drops when it’s available.

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Walmart’s Savings Catcher

Walmart Price Tracking
While this isn’t a price tracker, it does help you save money if the price drops on an item you’ve purchased. The Walmart Saving’s catcher app will allow you to upload your receipt in the app and then if a local competitor has it at a better price Walmart will give you the difference. This is ideal for grocery shopping and purchases of items like furniture and outdoor tools. You can use the link below to find more information on how the Saving’s Catcher from Walmart works.

Alternative Price Tracking Tools

Below are a few price tracking tools that include Walmart in some instances, but seem to be focused on Amazon. This can still give you some insight and help you compare the prices between the two largest online stores.


CamelCamelCamel is a free price tracking tool that specializes in tracking prices on Amazon. To search, you can put in the URL or search by keywords. From there you can then keep track of the prices and be alerted on price drops as well as see historical pricing data for the product. As of right now you can’t compare or track prices from other retailers but when it comes to tracking prices on Amazon it’s hard to beat their tools.


Keepa is an Amazon price tracking tool that has a main focus on the browser with plugins for both Chrome and Firefox. As you see an item on Amazon you can tag it and you will be sent a notification when it goes on sale. They have one of the largest databases of products and historical pricing available. As of right now, like most of the other tools featured, they’re only focusing on products found on

Honey (Google Chrome Extension)

Honey is a coupon website that has a browser extension for Google Chrome that will automatically give you the largest discount available for your Amazon or Walmart purchase. The browser app will search for deals when you’re in the checkout area of Amazon to see how they can get you the best deal. The thing that makes this great is you can use CamelCamelCamel to track the price and then use Honey to find even deeper savings. The browser extension can be downloaded for free on their website using the link below.

Do you know of a price tracking tool that we didn’t list here? Leave it in the comments below. We will update this page regularly with all of the best price tracking tools for Amazon along with those that also track other retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and more.


  1. Yes these are the 5 best tools for price tracking at Amazon. But some time I have found Camelcamelcamel did not provide accurate alerts. I have faced that problem 3 to 4 times.
    Thanks for great article!!!

    1. We’ve found the same, but the alternatives right now aren’t much better. Amazon now does a pretty good job of giving you more information on products if the price drops. If you’re looking for products within a specific category then you may also want to check out TheWireCutter as they have top reviews, but also send out emails when there are deals on their top products at Amazon.

  2. Hi, what about for tracking Walmart.
    I’ve been searching for one to find a price history for an item there but haven’t found anything to do that. Some like Brickseek can notify you if you set a price alert. And a posting of sites that do that would be helpful to me & others I’m sure as well but one with a history would be great.

    1. We’ve done some research on Walmart price tracking tools and apps but we haven’t found anything yet that we can recommend. Google Shopping is starting to do a better job at comparing certain products, but there are other retailers who are now starting to game the system by lowering the price and charging more for shipping and other fees so they always appear first when you look at historical pricing and the current lowest price. If we do find a good Walmart price tracker then we will add it here.

  3. Nice list. But you probably want to mention an HOURLY price tracker that picks up on bigger deals and discounts that might be short-lived (i.e. only last an hour or two). Other sites miss these. It’s also got charts and tables to quickly compare products based on their sales performance, reviews and current and historical pricing. There’s also data on coupons so shoppers can save every last cent on their purchases.

    1. And that tracker would be which? You gave the criteria, but offering up something outdoors be better.


    2. CamelCamelCamel has accurate historical data and allows you to sign up for price drops. Amazon also has some features through their app where you can save on select items you save. They will usually send you an alert through their app when the price drops or the product is part of their lightning deals for that day.

  4. It’s a great idea.

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