Best Buy College Student Deals

Best Buy Student Discounts (Student Coupon Codes)

If you’re a college student then you will be able to get even better discounts with a new program available to get student discounts in the form of special offers and exclusive coupon codes to use on their website. In order to get these deals and coupons all you have to do is sign up through this page here. The email address must be a .edu email address or you simply won’t receive any of the coupon codes.

Sign Up For Best Buy Student Discounts

Once you’re signed up you will start receiving the list of deals and coupon codes to help you receive these student-only discounts. To claim the coupon you will have to put in the code within the box specified under the payment options section at checkout. You can also bring the coupons to your local Best Buy store where they should still work.

The coupons you receive will vary depending on the current student discounts available. As of right now, they have student deals on everything from laptops and smartwatches to HDTVs and phones. This includes many Apple products with a current offer available to take an extra $50 off the price of a MacBook that’s already discounted for a sale at $100 off the original price. Most of the offers through the student discount program also come with free shipping. Just like any other discount program, there are some exclusions and terms/conditions with each purchase. Some of the noted exclusions are the purchases can’t be from the marketplace, Best Buy Outlet, refurbished items, demo items, and open-box products.

You can sign up through the link provided above which will take you to their page for student deals. On this page, you should be able to put in your email and the rest is explained on the page along with some sample deals. There’s no information on how long these promotions will last but it looks to be an ongoing program. Sign up today and get your coupons in time for all of your holiday shopping.

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