Best Apps For Keeping Track of Your Finances

Keeping track of your spending, expenses, and payments due is essential to live a financially responsible life. Now that our phones are with us when we make almost all of our purchases doesn’t it make sense to take our finances with us? There are dozens of quality apps out there that can help you manage your finances including apps that take all of your information and sync it in one place. This means that you can then see all of your finances detailed in charts which is perfect for those paying off debts or just wanting a more visual appearance of their financial health.

We’ve featured a variety of apps below for both iPhone and Android that help you with your finances. These apps can help you keep track of your spending and payments due as well as help document your overall financial health. We featured popular finance apps like Mint to possibly lesser-known apps like DebtMiner and Pocket Expense who hold their own in the vertical. Check out the apps below and leave us some comments on the apps you use to keep track of your finances.

Manilla Finance App
Manilla (iOS, Android)
Manilla is a free app for both iOS and Android that is on our must-have lists to not only keep track of your finances but many other aspects of your life. The app helps you keep track of bills, credit cards, and bank accounts in an easy to use way without much distraction. Aside from the main aspects, the aforementioned extras such as keeping track of insurance, subscriptions, and rewards programs put it over the top. The fact that the app is free with no strings attached is a major plus and that’s why it leads off our list.

Mint Personal Finance App
Mint (iOS, Android) – Mint is one of the most downloaded finance apps within the iTunes and Google Play app stores. The app helps you track your personal finances including income, spending, bills due, credit cards, bank accounts, and more. You can add accounts into the app that will update automatically. It’s won numerous awards including best finance app from Kiplinger’s and CNN Money. The app is completely free for both iOS and Android.

Check Finance App
Check (previously PageOnce) (iOS, Android) – Check is very similar to Mint as it lets you track your expenses, income, and add accounts that update automatically. The app actually lets you go even more in-depth by looking at your cell phone plan, recent bank transactions, verified bills due and more. The interface is very clean, secure, and easy to use. This app can save you from financial disaster by giving you an easy way to keep track of everything. Check also has many great reviews and awards from Google, PC World, and CNN Money. It’s free for both iPhone and Android.

Bank of America App
Your Bank’s App – almost every major bank has an app out on the market. Major banks such as Bank of America, Capital One, Ally, and PNC have great apps that cover just about everything you could need to keep track of your finances. While these may not be able to track every expense they can do well if you do most of your payments through one bank account or credit card. Always make sure you have your banks app downloaded for quick access but leave it to Mint or Pageonce for detailed expense tracking.

DebtMinder App
Debt Minder (iOS) – DebtMinder is a simple app that helps you get out of debt. The app provides graphs, charts, reminders and more to let you know when payments are due and how close you are to paying off your debts. It can be synced with their other app BillMinder to also notify you when the bills are due. It’s not as advanced as some other finance apps but it’s perfect for those who want a simple solution for tracking their debts. It’s only available for the iPhone for $1.99.

iSpending App
iSpending (iOS) – iSpending is an iPhone exclusive app that will track your income and spending. It breaks down your finances so they’re easy to understand including the tracking of everything from rent and credit cards to your spending on entertainment and restaurants. The app has very positive reviews and is available in multiple languages. It’s free for the iPhone with a “pro version” for $1.99 with a few more advanced features.

Pocket Expense App
Pocket Expense (iOS) – Pocket Expense is an easy to use and understand finance tracker. Like many of the other apps we’ve included in this post it will allow you to track all of your income, expenses, bills, accounts and more. The charts and projections allow you to better map out your financial future and make the necessary changes. As of right now it’s only available for free on the iPhone.

Take time to try out each app to help you manage your finances on the go. Remember to do your own further research to make sure the app and your phone itself is secure before you start adding things like credit cards and bank accounts. Leave your comments on these apps below.

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