AT&T Wireless Promo Codes and Deals (Up To 50% Off Phones + BOGO Promotions)


Save on phones and plans at AT&T Wireless with all of the deals found on this page. We have a variety of deals and promo codes available to help you get big discounts on your data plans along with promo codes for phones such as the latest iPhone. Most of the deals found on this page are for those switching to AT&T along with new customers, but there are a few offers for existing customers. Browse all of the deals below.

Featured Deal: 50% Off The iPhone 8 with AT&T Next

Latest Deals and Promo Codes

  • Up To $350 In Bill Credits— get u to $350 in bill credits when you switch to AT&T from another major wireless company and have DirecTV. This deal is for new customers and those switching to AT&T Wireless.
  • Half Off iPhone 8 When You Bundle Services – get half off the iPhone 8 when you purchase with AT&T Next on an eligible plan and have a DirecTV plan.
  • Free HBO With Unlimited Plan – get HBO for free when you sign up for an eligible AT&T unlimited data plan. You can combine this promotion with other deals for phones and data plans.
  • 50% Off Samsung Galaxy S9 – new customers and those adding new lines can get up to 50% off the Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Unlimited Data Plans Starting At $65 Per Month – get an unlimited data plan for as low as $65 per month along with numerous other perks to help you save. This unlimited plan deal can be combined with other eligible deals on this page.

iPhone Coupons and Deals from AT&T
The iPhone is currently the most popular cell phone on the market so it’s no surprise that most readers are looking for some type of deal. Being a very popular phone, this means that AT&T and Apple don’t really have to give too many discounts in order to sell the phone on their websites. We do get the occasional deal for the latest version of the phone, but your best bet on finding big discounts is on used/refurbished versions of the phone as well as earlier generations of the phone.

If you’re still stuck on needing the latest iPhone then you can usually find deals to receive the phone at $0 down when you finance through AT&T Next as well as receive discounts when you trade-in your old smartphone. New customers will have the most deals to choose from but existing customers can still usually find a deal if they look hard enough and are willing to make a few sacrifices.

Deals On Wireless Data Plans
AT&T is one of the few major wireless providers who have deals on their data plans. We’ve seen a lot of discounts available when it comes to saving on their plans including deals like receiving 50% more data when you choose a certain GB per month level. Most of the time, these deals don’t require any type of promo code which makes it easy to claim and also allows you to take advantage of other discounts on phones. When there’s a deal for your data plan you can find it here and they will usually be showcasing it on their website. Since these deals are the most popular outside of the iPhone deals, you can bet that we will have the information here to help you save.

One thing to take into consideration is that with an unlimited plan you will get other discounts. These discounts include things like free HBO and discounts for their services like DirecTV Now. So if you’re using these services you’ll have to add those savings to the total price. This means that AT&T can end up being much cheaper than competitors if you can also save on those secondary bundled services.

Buy One Get One Free Deals
Some of the best deals you can find are the popular “Buy One Get One” deals from AT&T. Most of the time these deals are for buy one get one free, but sometimes they are “buy one and get one up to 50% off the regular price.” These deals can give you up to $1,000 in savings as they usually include phones like the latest iPhone and Android phones. The deals are ideal for those with 2 lines along with families who are getting 4 lines. You can find any of these promotions within the section for deals towards the top of this page.

Free Activation and Free Upgrade Deals
The third most popular type of deal is to get free activation or have your upgrade fee waived. These deals are usually tougher to come by, but they do occasionally run promotions for these savings. We usually see the free activation deals around the holiday shopping season. Getting your upgrade fee waived is a much more rare deal, but we have seen this offer popping up randomly throughout the year.

In our opinion, you’re better off trying to find deals on the phone you want as well as savings on your wireless plan as this will most of the time add up to a larger discount than getting rid of one of these fees.

Where Do I Put In My Promo Code?
Once you’ve found a promo code on this page that you want to use you will next have to go to the checkout page. You can get there by clicking your shopping cart button. On this next page, you should see a box towards the bottom of the page that says “promotional code.” You can put your code into this box and then hit apply to claim your special offer. If this code is valid then the discount should be shown on your total right on the page. If your code isn’t valid then you should receive a notification as well.

Along with AT&T Wireless deals, we also have AT&T Uverse Internet deals so you can save on both. If you can’t find a deal to save on your phone then feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to find you a deal.

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