AT&T Uverse Internet Deals (For New and Existing Customers)

AT&T Internet Deals
Find all of the latest deals and discounts to help you save on AT&T Uverse Internet. You can find all of the best bundle deals available along with internet only deals and internet only pricing information along with deals when you bundle. We post all of the best deals we can find that range from $150 and $250 gift cards to exclusive discounted pricing. Browse all of the latest deals below.

Latest Deals and Discounts For UVerse Internet and Bundles

  • $300 In AT&T Visa Reward Cards – when you combine your AT&T internet with qualifying Uverse TV or DirecTV services then you can get up to $300 in AT&T Visa Reward cards. This is a limited time offer that will expire on June 30th.
  • $50 AT&T Visa Reward Card – get a $50 Visa Rewards Card when you purchase internet from AT&T online. This is an online exclusive offer for internet. You can get gift cards worth even more as you bundle more services. This is a limited time offer with AT&T Single Play purchases recieving a $50 rewards card and TV/Internet Double Play receiving up to a $200 rewards card. New customers and services only.
  • $250 Gift Card – get up to $250 in AT&T Visa gift cards when you sign up for new AT&T services. This include Uverse internet and TV plans along with other services like DirecTV. The deals to get gift cards usually require a service agreement of at least one year. You can find more information through the link provided.
  • AT&T Internet + DirecTV for $65 Per Month – bundle DirecTV with your internet to get monthly prices as low as $65 per month.
  • Get Up to 30% Off When You Bundle – if you bundle your internet with other services such as Uverse TV, DirecTV, and home phone you can get up to 30% off the regular price. This is 30% off the regular price if you were to purchase these services individually.
  • Internet Speeds Of Up To 50 Mpbs For As Low As $40 Per Month – you can find deals for cheap internet at AT&T with prices as low as $40 per month. You can find more information on these low prices that are only available for a limited time through the link provided.

AT&T Internet Only Pricing

  • Internet 50 for $40/month – download speeds of 50 Mpbs
  • Internet 100 for $60/month – download speeds of 100 Mpbs
  • Internet 1000 for $80/month – download speeds of 1,000 Mpbs (1 Gigabit)
  • find more information on pricing and deals

The prices and plans above are for those purchasing internet services from AT&T by themselves without any TV bundles. The prices are estimated and the speeds/plans may vary depending on where you live and other factors. The prices are also introductory prices and will stay at that price for usually 12 months. Always check with AT&T to see exactly what plans and deals on pricing are available in your area. Some of the internet-only plans also have a data cap that changes frequently.

Can You Save By Bundling Internet with DirecTV, Uverse, and More?
AT&T has some of the most options available when it comes to bundling services. When signing up for your internet, you’ll need to figure out whether you want to bundle any TV services with your plans. If you’re planning to purchase Uverse TV or DirecTV then now is the time to do it as you’ll receive a lower price when compared to purchasing these services individually.

You can also bundle services like DirecTV Now, which is the streaming version of DirecTV. You can get a big discount on your DirecTV Now plan price when you bundle. Since this is a service that doesn’t require any type of contract you can bundle it and save at any time.

Deals For New and Existing Customers
There are deals on this page for both new customers and existing customers. The best deals are usually for new customers signing up for a new service as they’ll not only receive offers for things like Visa gift cards but also be eligible for promotional pricing. Most of the new customer promotional pricing lasts anywhere from one year to two years.

Existing customers can still be eligible for certain deals unless otherwise noted on the AT&T website. Some of the best deals for existing customers are around adding new services to your plan or changing your bundle. If you can’t find any offer and still want a lower price then we would recommend giving AT&T a call. When you call and let AT&T know about other comparable services and prices in your area they can find ways to help you save and stay a customer. We will do our best to list any deals available to both new and existing customers on this page to help everyone save on their internet.

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