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Does AT&T have a discount for nurses and other healthcare workers? Yes, AT&T does have a discount for nurses and other select healthcare workers. The discount gives you unlimited wireless plans as low as $27 per line per month. Use the link below to find more information and claim the discount.

Discount: Get Unlimited Plans As Low As $27 Per Month With Discount

About AT&T And Available Discounts
AT&T is a popular wireless brand offering unlimited data plans for all of your phones and devices along with internet plans and streaming options. You can choose from hundreds of top phones and choose the right data plan for you to have fast wireless coverage throughout the country. You can also get numerous add-ons for entertainment and even home internet at low prices through AT&T Internet.

The AT&T discounts for nurses and healthcare workers give you discounted pricing on their unlimited data plans. The discount will depend on which unlimited plan you chose and the updated information can be found on their website. The pricing changes regularly, so the best way to find your specific discount is to use the link and then the discount calculator on that page. The discount will work for new customers as well as existing customers. You can get discounts for up to 4 lines on your account.

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The healthcare worker discount works for nurses, physician assistants, and physicians. You can use the links provided on this page that will take you to the AT&T website where you will then follow the directions to prove your eligibility for the discount. All AT&T needs is some basic information such as an employee ID, a pay stub that’s less than 90 days old, or an employment letter. You can also submit your state license/certification.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm my eligibility for the healthcare worker discount? This is what AT&T says on their website about verifying your eligibility for the healthcare worker discount, “To get your AT&T healthcare worker discount, go to this website to sign up for your discount. You’ll need to submit proof of eligibility within 14 days of activating your discount. Documents must be in the account’s owner’s name and show an eligible position. Eligible documents are Employee ID, Paystub dated within the last 30 days, employment letter from within the last 30 days, or State License/Certification.

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