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7 Apps That Pay You Instantly To Sign Up

There are numerous apps available that will give pay you instant bonuses just for signing up. Some of these apps will also give you ways to earn even more money whether that’s filling out surveys, watching shows, or getting cash back when purchasing items you were going to buy anyways. Check out some of the best apps that give you bonuses to sign up below.

Branded Surveys

At Branded Surveys, you can get 100 points ($3-$10 depending on cash out) when you sign up. After that, you can browse through their database of high-quality surveys that pay every time you voice your opinion on a variety of categories.

Rakuten Rewards

Get up to $10 in bonuses when you sign up for Rakuten’s rewards program and make your first purchase. Other sign-up bonuses are available depending on where you shop and other qualifying factors.


Swagbucks offers money, gift cards, and more when you complete surveys, play games, cash back from purchases, or do other activities. They currently offer a $10 bonus just for signing up. They’re one of the largest survey and money-making websites online, so you can quickly add to your total.

Survey Junkie

When you sign up for a new account through Survey Junkie with a referral link you can get up to $30 added to your account. Simply sign up using a referral link and you can be eligible for up to $30 in credits. Take surveys, watch ads, and complete other actions to add to your total.


MyPoints is a survey and product testing app that has a $10 bonus when you sign up and get started. You can then make even more from MyPoints by watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, giving feedback on products, and getting cash back when shopping at major retailers.


Get an instant $5 bonus when you simply sign up for Inbox Dollars. After you’re signed up you can add to this total by completing surveys, testing new products and services, playing games, and getting cash back when shopping. You can get your bonus cashed out through numerous ways including Paypal, gift cards, and more. Sign up now for your instant bonus.


Fundrise is an investment platform that lets you sign up and invest in real estate without needing large amounts of cash or the need to purchase an entire property. When you sign up for a Fundrise account you will receive a $10 investment credit. It’s not much, but it will help you get started building a real estate portfolio.

What Is A Sign-Up Incentive Bonus?

The signup incentive bonus is available from these brands to give you the incentive to sign up for their product or service. Since there’s a lot of competition in their category it makes sense that they give you something extra to get you to sign up and get started.

Survey companies usually always have some sort of instant bonus or other incentives for signing up as a lot of these survey companies are very similar. It’s a competitive space so giving you a $10 bonus or some type of point bonus makes sense. Most of the survey companies have a minimum amount that can be cashed out or converted into a gift card, so that means you usually can’t instantly withdraw the money.

The other brands listed here are mostly investment management, banking, and product testing. The bonuses for these brands are usually more than the survey companies, but they may require more information to get signed up. Overall if you’re looking for some quick bonuses for just signing up to a website then check out some of the options above that we update regularly.


What’s the easiest app to get a free bonus instantly? The easiest app or website to get a free instant bonus would be the survey or cash back apps (such as Branded Surveys). They offer a sign-up bonus of $5 to $10. You will usually have to get your total up to $50 to $100 before you cash it out, but you can do this with their cash-back options or by doing some surveys or product testing. The other options may require more information and hoops to jump through to get your “instant” bonus and then cashing out can take a little longer as well.

Do any of the apps pay through Paypal? Yes, a few of the brands here will let you cash out through Paypal. The payment options can change regularly, so you’re best off checking their individual websites to see what options are currently available.

Do you know of an app that gives you an instant bonus? Let us know and we will add it to this guide. Check out all of the apps we have on this page and get your bonuses. Always double-check with the apps before signing up to see what bonus is currently available as the bonus amount can change regularly.

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