Apple Watch Data Plan Prices for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 is the first watch from Apple that has a cellular connection and can be added to your data plan. This means that every carrier will have different prices and plans when it comes to getting your phone set up on your existing data plan. We’ve broken down all of the Apple Watch plans and pricing below from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We’ve also included any promotions and waived fees currently available. This page will update as we have more information on these plans and any deals available.

Verizon Apple Watch Data Plans – $10 Per Month

Verizon Wireless currently has the Apple Watch plans at $10 per month when added to an existing data plan. This is essentially their added device fee to any Verizon shared data plan. As of right now, they’re offering a promotion to receive your first three months for free which will offset their activation fee of $30 per device.

AT&T Apple Watch Data Plans – $10 Per Month

AT&T has a similar deal as Verizon where you’ll pay $10 per new Apple Watch added to your plan with cellular with NumberSync. AT&T is also giving three months free, but they’re also waiving their $25 activation fee.

T-Mobile Apple Watch Data Plans – $10 Per Month

T-Mobile will also have the Apple Watch at $10 per month when accompanied by an eligible data plan. Outside of the monthly price, we can’t find any other information on what promotions they will have available. T-Mobile usually has a great selection of promotions with new products and plans so you can bet there will be something comparable with other carriers. We will update as we find more information.

Sprint Apple Watch Data Plans – $10 Per Month (with Auto Pay)

Sprint will have the watch data plan for $15 per month and with auto pay, you’ll receive $5 off. This knocks the price down to the $10 per month that all of the other major carriers are advertising. You will also receive three months for free and the activation fee is waived for this device.

Apple Watch Prices And Deals

The price of the watch itself starts at $399 for the cellular version and goes up from there depending on the band you choose. On the Apple website, you won’t find any discounted prices, but some of the carriers will have deals and financing available. We’ve already noted a few of the deals above with things like 3 months free and waived activation fees. There are other rumored promotions for the Apple Watch 3 when you also purchase an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X (10). We will update this page as we find more deals for the watch and any discounted pricing outside of financing offers.

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