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Year Of Amazon Prime + Amazon Echo From Verizon Fios (DEAL)

When you sign up for Verizon Fios you can get a year of Amazon Prime membership as well as an Amazon Echo (2nd Gen). In order to receive this deal from Fios, all you need to do is sign up for one of their Fios Gigabit internet packages that includes TV and phone. These packages start at just $79.99 per month then go up in price as you add options such as more TV channels.

Another great thing about this deal is that the Amazon Echo included with this deal will work with most Fios cable boxes. This means you can connect your Echo device to change channels and search for shows just by using your voice.

If you already have Amazon Prime then Verizon will give you account credits for the cost of one year’s membership. In order to receive this deal and special pricing, you do have to sign up for a 2-year agreement (with a 2-year price guarantee) and have auto-pay enabled. You can find more information and claim this deal by using the link below.


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  1. The deal to get Amazon Prime for a year when you purchase Fios Gigabit Internet is only available for a limited time. We will update this page as to when this promotion expires when we get that information.

  2. Not true…just signed up for FIOS…triple play…when I wasn’t able to redeem the rewards for Amazon prime and Echo (which shows up on my verizon account) I was told I didn’t qualify because I signed up for the $79.99 package and was told I needed to upgrade my TV package. Bait and switch

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