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Amazon Business Review: Benefits, Pricing, And Deals

Amazon Business

You can purchase nearly anything you need at Amazon and business purchases are no different. Amazon Business is an offering from Amazon that’s in a way Amazon Prime for business owners. The program gives you business-specific perks that include everything from exclusive discounts on office supplies to purchasing tools, shared accounts, and more. You can find our entire guide and review of the Amazon Business program below.

Amazon Business Perks and Benefits

Amazon Business has dozens of different perks and benefits that your business can take advantage of. Some of these perks are things that are actually available to all Amazon shoppers, but there are a few tools and perks that are highly valuable and only available through this program. You can find all of the perks detailed below.

Amazon Business Perks and Benefits

  • Free Two-Day Shipping On $50+ – This perk is available to almost all Amazon shoppers. If your purchase is $50 or more you can be eligible for free two-day shipping. Those that are Amazon Prime members on that same account will be eligible for free two-day shipping on all Prime items.
  • Exclusive Business Discounting – In select categories, you can find discounts that are exclusive to business owners who shop on Amazon. We’ve seen larger discounts on items using our business account that include consumer electronics, office supplies, and more.
  • Tax Exempt Purchasing – If your business is exempted from sales tax and other taxes on select items then you can integrate this directly while making a purchase.
  • Shared Accounts – This tool gives you the option to also allow employees to use this account and make purchasing items much quicker. This option is also combined with other perks such as order approval, shared payment methods, purchasing system integration, and more.
  • Business Analytics Tools – Once you’re signed up for Amazon Business you will gain access to their suite of business analytics tools and enhanced order. These tools will help you figure out your expenses on products you’re purchasing through Amazon for business as well as how you can save money. This will give you more insight into your business spending.

Do I Have To Own A Business To Sign Up?

In order to sign up and receive the perks of Amazon Business, you must own a business. When signing up for an account you have to include your full legal business name along with a federal tax ID (TIN) and the address of your business that goes along with your ID. This means that individuals cannot sign up for this program to take advantage of the benefits.

Amazon Business + Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon Prime membership on the account that you’re using for Amazon Business then you will still have access to all of the Amazon Prime benefits. Only the main account holder will have the benefits of Amazon Prime such as free two-day shipping and the library of movies and TV shows. The other employees that are using shared accounts will not have access to Amazon Prime unless they have their own Prime account with their Amazon email used to sign up.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Amazon Business is free for all business owners and companies who sign up. Amazon knows that businesses make much larger and more frequent purchases than an individual so they offer these tools and extra benefits for free. You can sign up through this link and fill out a short form. The approval process seems to be instant, so you can get your account changed over to an Amazon Business within just a few minutes.

This program is probably worth it for most business owners as the perks, shared accounts, and analytics tools can come in handy. Since the program is free it’s hard to lose out and if you’re not happy you can always change your account back to a regular individual account. You can find more details on the Amazon For Business page along with other programs Amazon has made available for small business owners.

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