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Does Allstate offer a student discount? Yes, Allstate has a good student discount for both high school and college students where you can get a discount on your car insurance for getting good grades and more. Use the link below to find more information on their good student discount.

Discount: Up To 9% Off Your Car Insurance

About Allstate’s Student Discount (Good Student Discount Qualifications)

If you’re an unmarried student under the age of 25 and meet the GPA requirements then you can be eligible for up to 9% off your premium. In order to receive the discount, you’ll also need to be a full-time high school or college student. The current GPA requirement is a B average (3.0 GPA). There are some other exceptions in which you can qualify for the good student discount without a B average, you can find that information on their website.

Three Ways To Qualify For A Teen Driver Discount

  • Full-time student with good grades (B average – 3.0 GPA).
  • Have completed teenSMART driver education program.
  • Attend school 100 miles away from where your car is garaged.

The system works by signing up for Allstate insurance and then getting an “Allstate Good Student” certificate. Once you have this certificate you can fill out the information required and have it signed by an administrator at your school. There are various ways to get all of the information submitted along with the fine-print and information available on their website.


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