Verizon More Everything Plan Review

Verizon More Everything Plan Review

Over the past few weeks we’ve detailed many of the new wireless plans available including the Framily plan from Sprint and the Mobile Share Value Plan from AT&T. In this guide we decided to do a quick review of the Verizon More Everything Plan which is the comparable plan from Verizon Wireless where you get unlimited talk and text along with a pool of data to use among up to 10 devices. Look through the guide below and leave questions in the comments section.

How Verizon’s More Everything Plan Works

As we mentioned before the More Everything Plan from Verizon is very similar to what other wireless companies are offering where you get a certain amount of data (ex: 10GB’s) and you share that between everyone on the plan. You pay a certain amount for the amount of data you need as well as a price per device which is currently $40 per smartphone, $30 per basic phone, $10 for tablets, $20 for USB modems, $20 for Jetpacks (WiFi), and $5 for other compatible connected devices.

This plan is essentially replacing the family plan and it should save many families money who are heavy data users but could end up costing you more if you don’t use much data. The data is adjustable as shown on their website so all you need to do is choose a small monthly data amount. To make sure you’re getting enough data you can always log into your account with your wireless carrier and they should show you how much data you use each month. You should always err on the side of caution as data overage charges can add up quickly for those who do a lot of streaming.

More Everything Plan Pricing

This is where the plan becomes confusing for many customers researching the plan. The advertised price is $160 per month for four lines and 10GB’s of data. To get the $160 per month you either need to bring your own compatible phones to the service or get your new phones through the Verizon Edge plan. Verizon Edge gives you phones at a monthly rate (such as $24 per month) instead of paying $199 for let’s say an iPhone and then the price is subsidized within your monthly plan.

This means that if you purchase a four new phones through the plan how most consumers do then you will end up paying closer to $260 per month instead of the advertised $160. You of course can get the $160 price if you’re bringing your old compatible phones to the service but even with Verizon Edge you will still be paying per phone on top of the $160. This is where many customers seem to be getting price shock and can’t figure out why they aren’t receiving the price they’ve seen in commercials. We did a quick breakdown of the pricing below to help you better understand what you will be paying.

Pricing w/ Regular Subsidized Phones

4 Smartphone Lines + 8GB Data = $250/month
4 Smartphone Lines + 10GB Data = $260/month

Pricing w/ Verizon Edge

4 Smartphone Lines + 8GB Data = $150/month + monthly fee per phone
4 Smartphone Lines + 10GB Data = $160/month + monthly fee per phone

Pricing w/ Bring Your Own Phones

4 Smartphone Lines + 8GB Data = $150/month
4 Smartphone Lines + 10GB Data = $160/month

These plans are all for four smartphones along with varying amounts of data. We chose 8GB and 10GB which are the most popular for four lines but you can go as little as 250MB per month up to 50GB’s per month. The major price difference as you can see is when you bring your own phones compared to using Verizon Edge or the regular subsidized way of purchasing your phones where you get the phone for free or for $99 then the cost of the phone is within the plan. Verizon Edge is similar to that except that you will pay monthly for the phone separate from the plan with phones such as the iPhone 5S going for around $27 per month. Every situation is different so if you can purchase your phones outright or bring old phones you will save money in the long-run but the cost of purchasing the phones that way is too expensive for most consumers.

How Is The Coverage For This Plan?

Verizon Coverage Map Comparison
If currently have Verizon Wireless service then the actual coverage won’t change at all with this plan. Verizon currently covers nearly 97% of the United States with data speeds that are fast for most major metro areas as well as even smaller metro areas and cities. They include a map on their website comparing all of the coverage areas to those of their competitors such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint as seen above. If you’re in a major metro area then most of the major wireless companies have fast enough data coverage to take advantage of the data plans but if you’re in a rural area then Verizon having coverage across the map can be a major plus. Remember to check the Verizon map above for coverage as well a website like OpenSignal where they use customers cell phones to figure out the coverage in thousands of different areas.

Overview with Pros and Cons

The big question with most wireless plan is if it can save you money. As plans become more complex it’s hard to say whether this plan will help you save money as your situation is unique. If you’re bringing your old phones to the plan then there’s a lot of money to be saved but most people don’t want to keep using the old phones so they opt for new phones. If you’re purchasing new phones then there are still some ways to save money such as purchasing cheaper phones and using Verizon Edge or lowering the amount of data you use each month. Remember that when you’re at home or office on WiFi you’re not using your data so make sure you check your monthly data use before opting for a large data plan that wastes your money.

The plan gets simple when you break down your options so figuring out if this plan saves you any money when compared to your existing plan is pretty easy. If you already have Verizon’s family plan then this may be a great option for you to save a few dollars, especially if your current plan is data-heavy. The plan stands up to the other plans offered by major carriers so for most choosing this plan will come down to other factors such as available phones, which wireless carrier you’re currently on-contract with, and the coverage in your area.

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This Verizon More Everything Review will be updated as new information and pricing is available. Leave your comments and questions below to help get more in-depth about the plan and if it can save you money. Also, if you’re purchasing a plan make sure you check out our Verizon coupons page to find any deals on phones and plans.

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    Does Verizon offer discount for senior citizen or disabled. are there other discounts available also.

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      Can I have two separate accounts and would it be cheaper. One with smartphone and the other line with my basic phones.

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      I’m not sure if they still have Senior citizen or disabled discounts, but I know they did at one time. These are special discounted plans and the discounts probably can’t be applied to the “More Everything” plan.


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