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Tello Review – Is The No Fee Prepaid Plan Right For You?

Tello PhonesTello is known for its customizable no-contract plans that give you full control of your minutes, texts, and data. You can choose exactly how much you need of each to cut out things you don’t use to hopefully save some money. In this review below, we will take a look at their prepaid plans including pricing and any reviews from customers. We will do our best to keep this page updated with all of the newest information and you can always leave questions and your own reviews in the comments.

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Boost Mobile Data Boost Plan for $35 Per Month

Boost Mobile

It’s not just the major carriers who are lowering the prices of their monthly plans. Prepaid wireless provider, Boost Mobile, has announced a new Data Boost plan where you can get 2.5GB’s of high-speed data along with unlimited text and minutes for just $35 per month. This plan is called the “Data Boost” plan and will give you the 2.5GB’s of high-speed data (3G or 4G depending on coverage) then after you’ll still receive unlimited data but

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