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Mophie Wirelessly Charging Juice Pack

Mophie Wireless Charging Juicepack
The Mophie charging cases are the gold-standard when it comes to having a case that can give you full protection with some extra battery life. The latest cases add yet another layer to the mix with the first Mophie Juice Pack that will charge your phone wirelessly through any universal wireless charging base. This battery case is much like the other Juice Pack cases where you will receive extra battery along with priority charging to make sure you phone gets charged up first, charge vault technology and more. This case will only be available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge when it first comes out. You can find more information on the release and pricing of the case by signing up on the Mophie website.


Wello – Health Monitoring iPhone Case

Wello Heartbeat monitoring and EKG phone case

There are various phone cases and gadgets that really have no affect on our health or daily lives. Wello is a phone case that by no means can you say that about. The case essentially helps monitor every major aspect of your health including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen level, and lung function with medical-grade accuracy.

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