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3 Alternatives To The American Express Platinum Card

American Express Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum is one of the premier luxury credit cards on the market with a long list of perks and benefits, but with its $450 annual fee, many can find many better alternatives on the market. The Platinum card is best for those who are frequent travelers and can put the major perks to use such as a $200 per year baggage fee for your airline of choice, free entry into numerous airport lounges, and credit for the cost of TSA PreCheck or Global Entry program. So while those who use these services can justify the fee, you can find a few of the alternatives below that we’ve picked out where you can get better rewards or just a lower annual fee.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

American Express Gold Rewards CardThe best alternative for those still looking to stick with American Express would be the American Express Gold card. This is the sister card to the Platinum and comes with many of the same benefits without as large of an annual fee. While you won’t get every perk, there are still enough to take a real look at this card. This is the best alternative for those who are loyal to the AMEX brand and want a premium card without the large annual price tag.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred
The Chase Sapphire Preferred is a solid choice for those who want to rack up rewards and want to get away from the American Express brand. You can usually claim a great bonus offer when you sign up for this card, but many times the minimum spend to get this bonus can be larger than many other cards. The perks with the Sapphire Preferred aren’t quite what you would get with the Platinum card, but the fee is usually waived for the first year and then just $95 per year after that. This is a great alternative if you’re a big spender who would rather have a lower annual fee and get away from American Express which isn’t always an option to use as payment.

Citi Prestige Card

Citi Prestige Card
The Citi Prestige card is one of the premium cards on the market that isn’t American Express and has top of the line perks. The card does have a large annual fee but has many of the same perks that you may want such as complimentary lounge access, reimbursement for Global Entry application fee, 4th night free and more. This card is the best alternative for frequent travelers who want a card that’s not American Express (currently a MasterCard) and has a lot of the same perks.

What other cards do you think are a solid alternative to the Platinum card? Leave your comments and questions below.

Chase Ink Plus vs. Chase Ink Bold Comparison

Chase Ink Bold vs. Chase Ink Plus Business Comparison

Finding the right business credit card or charge card is a big decision. If you’re making a lot of purchases, you want to have a card that handles everything you need plus has a solid rewards program and other features/perks. If you’ve narrowed your choices down to the Chase Ink set of business credit cards then you’re going to want to narrow it down even further until you can find the perfect card for your small business.

As we compare the

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