T-Mobile Unlimited Data Family Plan Deal: $50 Month Per Line + 4th Line Free

T-Mobile Family Plan with Unlimited Data

T-Mobile just announced a great deal on their unlimited data plan where you can get 3 lines at $50 per line with the 4th line being free. This is a rare deal that will only be available for a limited time. Each line you purchase within their unlimited family plan is $50 plus the cost of the phone unless you bring your own device. When you purchase four lines you will receive the fourth line for free, plus any fees and what you pay for your device. The deals on devices can be combined with this offer to help you save even more.

With most wireless providers getting rid of unlimited data plans for families, T-Mobile seems to be expanding their unlimited data offerings along with unveiling programs like Binge On that allow you to not be charged for select data consumed. This deal for a free line of data and lower-priced unlimited lines on their family plan is set to expire on February 29th unless it’s extended like some promotions in the past have been. T-Mobile is also offering the 4th line free promotion on other family plans even if you’re not getting unlimited data. You can continue through the link below to find more information on this deal or you can call T-Mobile using our exclusive number below to make sure you claim this offer.

You can find more information on this deal here or by calling T-Mobile at 1-877-413-5903

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