T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan Review and Pricing

T-Mobile One Unlimited Data Plan
T-Mobile is known for changing the way we think about our data plans by offering simple solutions to what is usually a complex issue. T-Mobile One is now your single option plan from T-Mobile that offers unlimited data for one exact price that includes taxes and fees. This is big as taxes and fees can make a $100 bill easily shoot up to $130 or more from other carriers depending on where you live.

In this review, we break down everything you need to know about the plan from the pricing of individual and family plans to information on throttling and how it stacks up to other major carriers.

How Much Does It Cost

Unlike data plans from other carriers, this plan has a simple straightforward price of $70 per month for a single line. The $70 will include all of the taxes and fees that could push your total up by $10-$30 depending on where you live.

If you have more than one line on your plan you will pay a select amount per line as seen below. As you add more lines you will receive a larger discount per line until you reach $40 per line.

  • Single Line: $70 per line = $70 per month
  • Two Lines: $60 per line = $120 per month
  • Three Lines: $47 per line = $140 per month
  • Four Lines: $40 per line = $160 per month
  • find more information on plan pricing

All of these prices are assuming you sign up for AutoPay. This means that each month the total will be paid automatically using a payment method of your choice instead of receiving a bill and paying it manually. AutoPay from T-Mobile doesn’t seem as bad as with some other carriers as you know what your maximum price will be so you don’t have to worry about crazy overage charges. You will receive $5 off per line when opting for automatic payment of your monthly bill.

Is The Unlimited Plan Throttled?

According to the fine print, you will have your data throttled (slowed down) if you are within the top 3% of data users network-wide during congestion. The top 3% is said to be users who use over 28GB’s per month on average. Not all of this information is completely clear, but the vast majority of users will never have their data slowed down.

Get $10 Back If Don’t Use Much Data with T-Mobile Kickback

T-Mobile Kickback is another new feature of their wireless plans. Kickback will give users who don’t use much of their unlimited data $10 back credited to their monthly bill. According to the fine print, you will be credited $10 on your next bill if you use under 2GB’s the previous month. You must keep your account in good standing in order to receive the credit. For most people who don’t use their data to stream Netflix or music, it should be fairly easy to stay under the 2GB mark.

How Does It Compare To Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint?

Comparing unlimited plans between carriers can be tough as there are multiple pages of fine print and different features. Verizon doesn’t currently offer an unlimited plan, but they do have comparable plans with more data than the average person would use. AT&T and Sprint both offer unlimited plans, but in order to get an unlimited plan with AT&T you must be a DirecTV customer. AT&T plans currently do not have overage charges so even though it’s not unlimited you won’t be charged any extra fees and instead will just have your data slowed. You can find a quick chart from T-Mobile on how they think their new plan compares with AT&T.

T-Mobile and AT&T family plan comparison

Comparison of T-Mobile One and AT&T family plans. Image as seen on the T-Mobile website.

Sprint’s unlimited plan does compare fairly well with T-Mobile’s. They offer a single unlimited line for $60 and two lines for $100 per month. Outside of the T-Mobile plan, this is the only other unlimited plan that we could find close in price. Price doesn’t always equal value as a wireless carrier’s network might make data slow in certain areas or they may be making up for the lower price by charging more for devices and placing more fees on things such as activation. The best way to compare your unique plan is to simply go to each website and put all of the devices and your plan into the cart to see what the total will be with all of the fees included.

Is The T-Mobile One Unlimited Plan The Best Choice?

Our take: T-Mobile one is a solid plan for individuals and those sharing data whether that’s a family or small business. If you’re someone who uses a lot of data and has good T-Mobile coverage in your area then signing up for this plan is a no-brainer.

Discover the best deals for T-Mobile plans and devices by going to the deals page of their website by following the link. You can find all of the biggest discounts from T-Mobile in one place.

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  • WalletHero Staff January 12, 201712:36 am

    If there are any questions or comments about this unlimited plan from T-Mobile you can leave it here. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

  • Brad January 1, 20188:37 am

    I have found the most suitable T-Mobile plan. It is a little complicated but it follows the standard first tier One Plan.

    I have 6 regular One Plan lines(230 dollars without autopay):
    Add Promo Plus to all lines(10GB of LTE tethering and Full HD+
    Add Hookup(20% off)
    Add Autopay discount
    Add Netflix
    End total amount is 230-30(autopay discount) =200-20% off(hookup) =160
    160 dollars for 6 lines with Promo Plus +Netflix +taxes/fees inclusive
    I can also get Kickback if I so decide and I can add free lines if available in the future.

  • Brad January 1, 20188:43 am

    By the way the way they calculate the top threshold before lowering priority of users at the tower is by however much the average user uses. So, as the average user uses more data, which is now 50GBs, they continue to raise the threshold. So, it is directly based on how much data the average user uses during the last quarter and is adjusted constantly to favor customers.


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