T-Mobile Jump On Demand Review: How It Works

Jump On Demand from T-Mobile

Getting stuck with a phone you don’t like or that’s outdated is a huge problem. Jump On Demand by T-Mobile is looking to fix this by giving you the option to upgrade multiple times per year with no minimum wait time or upgrade fee. This new program is yet another feature T-Mobile is adding to their arsenal to try to differentiate themselves from competitors such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. This program is perfect for anyone who gets bored with their phones easily or likes to simply have the latest and greatest phone. Read our quick review of Jump On Demand and guide to how this upgrade program works.

Jump On Demand works by allowing you to have three free upgrades of your phone per calendar year. This means that you can start by purchasing a phone through T-Mobile and then upgrade the phone three times within 365 days after that initial purchase. There are no fees to upgrade your phone and there are no waiting periods, so if you wanted to you could upgrade your phone each day for three days. In order to upgrade to a new phone, you have to bring the phone to T-Mobile and they will do a three-point check to make sure the phone works and is in good condition. If everything checks out then you can upgrade to the new phone you want. One downside is that you must purchase the phone at a T-Mobile retail location and you cannot currently purchase/upgrade online through their website.

How Does Jump On Demand Work (Breakdown)?

jump on demand review

  • 1. Buy your phone at T-Mobile retail location.
  • 2. When you want to upgrade you simply bring the old phone in and T-Mobile will make sure it’s in working condition.
  • 3. You can then chose the new phone you want and upgrade with no extra fees.
  • 4. You now start paying the monthly leasing fee on the new phone. You would have two more upgrades for the calendar year.

What Types Of Phones Are Available with Jump On Demand?

All of the most popular phones are available with Jump On Demand. This means no matter if you’re into the Android phones from Samsung, Motorola, and LG or you’re an Apple iPhone fan, you’ll be able to purchase and upgrade to the most popular phones. Each phone will have a different monthly payment depending on the total price of the phone. All of the phones come with free shipping and no upgrade fees when you purchase from T-Mobile. In order to lease the phones through this program you must meet the credit approval within the store or online. From looking at reviews of the credit approval, it seems like most customers with at least average credit are approved for the most popular phones.

Getting The iPhone at $0 Down

As previously mentioned, you can get the latest versions of the iPhone with Jump On Demand. This means that you can purchase the newest iPhone available right now and then get the new iPhone when it comes out. The days of waiting to upgrade to the latest iPhone are over when you chose this new program from T-Mobile. As of right now, all versions of the iPhone are available for $0 down. This means that at the time of checkout you won’t have to pay anything for the phone. You will then be paying monthly (around $15 per month) for the phone after the first month, you just don’t have any type of down payment.

Is Jump On Demand by T-Mobile Right For You?

The thing about Jump On Demand is that it’s right for just about everyone who has good service from T-Mobile in their area. The problem currently with T-Mobile is that they don’t have fast data everywhere, mostly outside of major metro areas and mid-size cities. You also have to trade-in your old phone at a T-Mobile store, so if you don’t have one within driving distance this may be a hassle when you want to upgrade. Other than that there’s really no downside to participating in this program as it simply lets you trade in your old phone that’s in good condition for a newer phone. This allows you to upgrade to the latest iPhone or try out a phone you’ve been waiting to see without having to keep it for two years. This is yet another step forward for the wireless industry. You can find more information on the T-Mobile website or by visiting a T-Mobile store.

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