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Saving on Phones and Data Plans From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is a leading wireless carrier providing plans and popular phones to its millions of customers through the country. On this page, you can find all of the latest coupons and promo codes available to help you save on their plans and phones no matter if you’re a new customer or an existing customer. We have deals available that include everything from $50 off promo codes and free activation coupons to providing you with the latest sales on popular phones such as the iPhone.

Free Two-Day Shipping On All Phone Orders

When you purchase a phone from Verizon you will currently receive free 2-day shipping. This includes all new phone purchases, including those phones that are financed with a wireless data plan. There’s no coupon or code required, the free shipping should automatically be shown at checkout. Many times during major shopping holidays and promotions they will offer free overnight shipping on select purchases. When this promotion is active it will be shown at the top of the page on their website.

Finding Discounts On Wireless Plans

Finding deals on your wireless plans is where you can save big. We don’t usually have a lot of deals available for the plans themselves, but we do occasionally have offers for things like free data upgrades or account credits that can be applied to your monthly bill. In the past, we’ve had many deals posted on this page that can include $100 to $200 account credits with the purchase of select phones along with things like free activation, free data upgrades and more. If we have these offers available they can usually be found on the top of this page and usually have a decent amount of fine print to go along with the promotion.

Free Activation and Activation Waived Deals

One of the worst things about buying a phone from a wireless carrier today is getting hit by activation fees and upgrade fees right when you’re about to checkout. While it is rare, we have had deals in the past to receive free activation or get your upgrade fee waived during select sales. When these promotions exist you shouldn’t need a promo code, but instead the promotion will simply be activated on their website and the should be a $0 mark show up within the box that shows you any extra checkout fees. Outside of these promotions, we really don’t see any type of free activation code that is sometimes advertised within deals.

The great thing about account credit offers and deals for your data plan is that they can usually be combined with promo codes for phones. So this could mean that you can activate a $100 account credit with the purchase of a select wireless plan and then put in a promo code for $50 off select phones. None of the deals that we’ve seen so far for plans require a promo code, they’re usually activated by clicking the link and following the guide to activate the discount on the Verizon website.

Verizon Wireless Promo Codes For The iPhone

It’s no secret that the iPhone is the most popular phone currently available. No matter if you’re purchasing the newest iPhone or an older iPhone you’re probably trying to find some type of discount on this specific phone. As you can see, many of the promo codes we have on this page exclude the latest versions of the iPhone and Apple products in general. This means that finding the best price comes down to taking advantage of sales and promotions that may not be promoted right on the main page of Verizon’s official online store.

We receive the latest deals directly through our partnership with Verizon as well as searching through their website daily for any other deals. This means that if there’s a deal on the iPhone you should be able to find it on this page. For the most part, the discounts we have are simply sales we’ve found or some type of promotion such as a bill credit for purchasing the latest version of the iPhone with a certain data plan.

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