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Currently 11 deals and coupons for February 2018

Get 20% Off Your Purchase Of A Phone with Airtime Minutes (Promo Code)

When you purchase a phone or phone bundle with Airtime you can get an instant 20% off when you use the promo code provided. This promo code can be used at checkout and should work for any phone purchase where you add the minutes (Airtime) to your account. This deal expires on February 28th.


Latest Promo Codes and Deals On Phones – Click To Continue

Continue through the link to access the deals page of the TracFone website where they list all of the active promo codes to help you save on minutes as well as any current deals to purchase phones directly through their online store. These deals change regularly and many are exclusive deals you can't find anywhere else.


Deals On Phones: Coupons For Select Phones

Continue through the link and put in your zip code to find all of the latest available discounts and coupons for TracFone compatible smartphones. The coupons will change depending on your zip code with a few of the deals being available nationally for major phones. The discounts can range anywhere from 10% to 30% off the original retail price when you combine with a no-contract plan or buy minutes.


Free Shipping On Phone Orders $19.99+

Get free ground shipping on orders of phones and phone bundles when you spend $19.99 or more.


Phones Starting At $14.99

Choose from a wide variety of phones from top brands starting at only $14.99.


Free Triple Minutes For Life

Get 3x talk time, 3x text and 3x data for life when you purchase the LG Optimus Fuel or LG Optimus Dynamic.


Monthly Value Plans Starting At $9.99

Choose from several monthly value plans that include nationwide coverage, text, talk, e-mail and web starting at only $9.99.


Android Phones On Sale

You can find dozens of different Android phones on sale that are compatible with all TracFone wireless plans. This includes phones from Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Motorola and many more.


Get $30 For Referring A Freind

When you refer a friend to TracFone you will receive a $30 credit to use towards buying minutes. You can find the full details on their website as there are some restrictions and different payouts depending on how much your friend spends on minutes.


Up To 20% Off Phones at Amazon

Continue through the link to access the TracFone section of Amazon where they have big discounts on compatible phones from LG, Motorola, and Samsung. Free shipping is also included on most of the phone purchases.


Data Plans As Low As $35 Per Month With 90-Day Plan

When you choose a 90-day data plan you can get minutes, text, and data as low as $35 per month. There's no coupon required to get this deal, you must choose the 90-day plan in order to get the discount. There are numerous other deals available for data plans currently on their website. Many of these deals are online-only through their official website.

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Your Guide To Saving At TracFone

Tracfone is a prepaid wireless provider that offers service throughout the United States. Tracfone offers phones from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, and LG. They currently have coverage in 99.6% of cellular populations and their airtime cards are available at over 90,000 retailers throughout the United States including Walmart, Best Buy, and Target to your local gas station or grocery store.

You can find various promo codes available to help you gain more minutes or get cheaper minutes and phones on this page above. Browse through all of the latest deals we’ve posted on our Tracfone deals page or continue reading below to see our tips to help you save even more.

How To Save On Your Phone

When you use TracFone you’ll have to either purchase a phone through their website at full price or bring your own phone to the plan. They have a good selection of cheap to moderately-priced phones within their online store including phones from LG, Motorola and more.

As of the time of this guide their prices are very close to what you would pay for the phones new at most other places, but if you’re wanting to get something cheaper you may want to look for a used or recertified phone from a place like Amazon or eBay. Remember that before you purchase anywhere other than their official store you will want to make sure it’s compatible with a TracFone prepaid plan.

How To Save On Your TracFone Plan and Minutes

Since you can usually find a phone fairly cheap, the big savings in the long-term will come from finding cheap minutes and the best plan for you. You can choose to pay as you go an Airtime card where you purchase minutes or you can go with a no-contract monthly value plan. If you’re planning on using the phone a lot each month than the monthly value plan is where you’ll save the most money and get the most out of your plan. The monthly value plan starts at $10 and goes up to $30 with of course more minutes for the more expensive plan. The great thing is you’ll receive a slight discount on your minutes when you choose a no-contract plan that automatically refills your minutes at the end of the month. They also have family plan options to help you save when using multiple phones.

Popular Active Tracfone Coupons and Promo Codes

Tracfone usually has a list of active promo codes available along with other sales and discounts. We’ve listed a few of the most popular deals we’ve seen so far below to help you get a better idea of what savings are usually available.

  • Bonus Airtime Promo Codes – Most of the promo codes available are for bonus airtime. This will essentially give you minutes free with a certain amount of minutes purchased.
  • Double Minutes Promo Codes – The most popular promo code we’ve seen is for double minutes. This code will double the minutes you’ve purchased up to a certain number of minutes.
    There are times when this promotion doesn’t need a code and is simply a promotional link where any minutes purchased will automatically be doubled.
  • Cheap Phones On Sale – Tracfone always has a decent selection of cheap compatible phones for sale. You can then take even more off the total price of these phones with the occasional promo code for devices which is usually around 15% off the total price of the phone.
  • Promo Codes for 60 Minute Cards – The promo code we get asked for the most is a code to save on 60 minute cards. Most of the promo codes we have for minutes will work on the 60-minute cards along with other minute amounts unless otherwise noted.

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