Straight Talk Promo Codes

Currently 14 deals and coupons for April 2018

Free Phone with Service Plans

Get a free phone with service plans such as the unlimited data plan through this link. You can find all of the available free phone deals through the link including phones from brands such as LG, Samsung and more.


$50 Off LG Optimus

Get $50 off the LG Optimus with no coupon code required. Use this phone for the popular Straight Talk unlimited plan with unlimited everything for just $45 per month.


Free $15 Gift Card On Select Purchases

Get a $15 gift card on select purchases of cell phones during this deal. The $15 gift card will be applied to your account and shipped once you have made the purchase of your phone. Check website for full details.


$40 Discount On Yearly Plan

Choose the yearly or annual plan for unlimited wireless to help you save up to $40. This deal is good for the yearly plans only and the discount will not work on the month-to-month options.


Sign Up For Straight Talk Deals

Get access to exclusive deals when you join the Straight Talk newsletter through the link. Once you sign up you will receive exclusive deals and promo codes before you make your purchase. The list will also give you exclusive product news and other news about their no-contract plans.


Free Ground Shipping with Phone Purchase

Get free shipping on most orders of phones that have a total value of $19.99 or more. The free shipping is free ground shipping via UPS to most locations. Some exclusions do apply. Check the page for full details and any fine print on this deal.


iPhone Deals from Straight Talk

Find all of the iPhone deals from Straight Talk including unlocked phones to use with your plans. Use the iPhone you purchase with the Straight Talk plans to get some of the cheapest plans for the iPhone currently available on the market. Find all of the latest iPhone deals and promotional codes available.


iPhone 6 at Straight Talk

Get the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at to go along with one of the cheapest data and voice plans around. Discover any current iPhone promo codes and coupons available.


FREE LG 220C with Straight Talk Plan

Get a free LG 220C with the purchase of any Straight Talk plan shown through this deal. The phone may also qualify for free shipping depending on your chosen plan. Check the website for full details and activation discounts.


Free Shipping On All SIM and SIM Bundles

Get free ground shipping on all online orders of SIM cards and SIM card bundles as noted on the page through the link. This free shipping will be available for all SIM orders with a total of $6.99 or more.


Unlimited International for $60 per Month

Get Straight Talk's unlimited plan that can be used for international calling for just $60 per month. Check the website for full details on how you can save big when making international calls and traveling around the globe.


Sign Up For Straight Talk Deals

Sign up for the official Straight Talk email newsletter through the link to get exclusive deals and coupons available to help you get discounts on your plans as well as free phones and promo codes for phones. If you don't see a deal above then continue through the link and sign up to find the latest deals available to save on the already cheap phone service.


Student Discount Of Up To 10% Off

Receive a student discount of up to 10% off all plans on Straight Talk when you verify through your Unidays account.


Bring Your Own Tablet For Cheap Tablet Data Plans

Get cheap tablet data plans starting at just $15 per month when you bring your own tablet to their wireless plans. Check the website for full details on how you can sign up for their cheap data plans for tablets and to make sure your tablet is compatible.

Straight Talk Promo Codes for April 2018 at WalletHero

How To Save On Straight Talk Phones and Plans with Promo Codes

Straight Talk provides you with a large selection of phones and services that are all pay-as-you-go without expensive contracts or plans. Choose from dozens of phones and get everything you would get from a major wireless company without the contracts as it’s all prepaid. You can find all of the latest promo codes and coupons on this page to help you save on the phones as well as plans. These deals can be for specific discounts on phones and free phone deals to promo codes where you can save on unlimited plans. Search through the discounts on this page to help you save on this discount wireless service.

  • Pre-Pay For Cheaper Plans – Straight Talk is one of the few places where you can pre-pay for an entire year with their 1-year unlimited plan. When you pay for the entire year at once you can save up to $50 off the price of if you were paying by the month. This is essentially equal to getting a month free. You can find our full review of Straight Talk plans by following the link provided.
  • Bring Your Own Phone Option – If you already have a phone from another previous wireless provider or you’ve found a cheap phone from a place like Amazon, you can bring your own phone to Straight Talk. When you bring you own phone you can save on the usual cost of having to purchase a phone. If you don’t currently have a phone then Straight Talk does have some great deals on devices.
  • Free Overnight Shipping – When getting a new phone, no one wants to have to wait a week to get their phone. Straight Talk usually has a deal where you can get free overnight shipping on all new device purchases. This free overnight shipping deal can be by using a promo code or by simply purchasing a device depending on the current promotion. Check their website for further information on this deal.

Finding Deals On The iPhone

One of the most popular phones is, of course, the iPhone. Straight Talk usually has a few deals available for the iPhone including the latest model as well as some offers for used versions of the phone. It’s rare that we have any coupons that are specific for the iPhone, but we will have offers for discounts on all phones and things like free overnight shipping which should work with the iPhone. The best way to save with Straight Talk is to simply bring your own phone. So before purchasing from Straight Talk we would recommend that you shop around and compare the prices of the phone with other retailers and then make sure it’s compatible with a Straight Talk plan.

Discounts On Data Plans

Straigh Talk is known for having cheap unlimited plans. You can get unlimited text, talk, and data starting as low as $45 per month. This includes a certain set amount of unlimited data at high speeds and then it’s slowed down after you hit that mark. The great thing is you won’t ever be charged any fees for going over your set data amount. You can find some deals on the unlimited plan above as well as data plans for your tablet, car and more. There’s also a big discount on your data plan if you purchase the entire year at once instead of paying monthly.

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