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Currently 4 deals and coupons for September 2017

$5 In Free Postage

When you sign up for through this link you will receive $5 in free postage. This is included in the free trial and allows you to fully try out everything their services encompass without having to spend money. Use your $5 in free postage any way you see fit during your free trial and then renew for the next month once the trial is over for a low monthly fee.


Free Trial: One Month Of For Free

Get one month of for free when you take advantage of their free trial. This is 4 weeks of postage printing with no monthly fee unless you renew for the next month. This free trial offer also comes with free postage to get you started.


Up To 50% Off USPS Rates

Receive up to 50% off the domestic rates of USPS when you use This is up to 50% off domestic rates for things such as first-class package service, priority mail, and priority mail express.


5% Off USPS International Postage Rates

Get up to 5% off the regular pricing of USPS international postage rates when you use to print your postage. You can find more information on discounted domestic and international postage rates by following this link. Promo Codes and Pricing for September 2017 at WalletHero

Discover all of the latest promo codes and discounts on this page that we receive directly from the company along with deals we’ve found elsewhere. The promo codes can range from free trials to $5 in free postage and much more. A free trial should be included in just about every package and will come with free postage to get you started. This is a perfect solution for small businesses that don’t want to waste precious time standing in line at the post office.

About is a company that allows you to buy postage and print your labels and print directly onto packaging using their software. You no longer have to go to the post office to purchase postage on any letter or package when you use This is a great solution for small businesses, online sellers, warehouse shippers and more. Check out the graphic below that gives a quick and simple explanation on how their service works.

How Works

Saving On

  • Promo Codes and Radio Codes – usually has some type of deal available to help you save money when signing up. These deals are usually in the form of promo codes found on the web and radio codes found both on the radio and on podcasts. We’ve seen these codes give things such as $50 to $100 in free postage to free items used for shipping. The promotions will change regularly depending on the time of year and other factors.
  • Free Trial – You can always take advantage of a free trial to make sure that is right for your business. Most of the free trials will give you a select amount of free postage along with up to 4 weeks to use their services risk-free. You’ll need to read all of the fine print and make sure you cancel in time to not get charged for the next month if you decide not to continue using their service.
  • Discounted Postage Rates – You can take advantage of discounted postage rates on both domestic and international shipping through the USPS (United States Postale Service). These postage rates can be discounted at up to 50% domestically and 5% internationally. Pricing – How Much Does It Cost? pricing can be confusing because of the monthly service fees along with the other fees for actually mailing and shipping. As of right now, all new accounts start with a free trial and some sort of free postage to try out the service. After the free trial is over you will be charged a monthly service fee of $15.99 per month. The monthly service fee of $15.99 is to use the service and does not include any postage costs. The price of your postage will vary depending on numerous factors including weight, location, type of package and more.

Bonus Offers From

When you sign up for a free trial or new account you can be eligible to receive numerous bonus offers outside of the discount or free postage by using your promo code. We’ve listed some of the bonus offers that have been included in previous memberships. These are always subject to change and can usually be found at checkout near the promo code box when you put in your credit card information.

  • Free 5lb Digital Scale
  • Free Supplies Kit
  • Postage Credits and Stamps

If you don’t see an offer or promo code that works for you then feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook and we will do our best to help you find a deal.