Cheap Metro PCS Phones

Currently 13 new coupons for April 2017

Up To 20% Off Phones at Amazon

Find cheap Metro PCS phones at Amazon. You can find compatible devices at up to 20% off their original price found in other stores. Most of the phones will also come with free shipping. Follow the link for the latest deals and sales.


Cheap Metro PCS Phones at Amazon

Go through the link to find all of the cheapest phones available that are compatible with Metro PCS through Amazon. This includes many basic phones along with leading Android smartphones. You may find some iPhone deals available too as available.


$50 4G LTE Unlimited Plans

Get unlimited plans starting at just $50 with high-speed unlimited data along with unlimited minutes and unlimited messaging. Continue through the link to find all of the details on this plan along with available phones.


$29 Phones w/ Mail-In Rebate

Continue through the link to find all of the available phones that you can get for just $29 with a mail-in rebate coupon. Phones include popular brands such as Samsung and Nokia. No word when this rebate deal will expire.


Exclusive Deals via Email Newsletter

Get exclusive deals for Metro PCS when you sign up for their newsletter through the link provided. The newsletter gives you the latest news available on phones and plans as well as available rebates and coupons. Sign up before you make your purchase to save.


Phone Clearance Sale: Up To 50% Off Select Phones

Get up to 50% off select phones during this clearance sale. Includes Android smartphones as well as cheaper basic phones and other smartphone options. Check page for the latest clearance sales.


Free Unlimited Music with Unlimited Plan

Get the unlimited no-contract plan and get access to unlimited music within their program. Check the page for full details on this deal as well as what music is available. This is an ongoing promotion and does not expire.


10% Off LG G70 Optimus

Get 10% off the LG G70 Optimus through Amazon that's compatible with all Metro PCS plans. This is a limited time offer and the phone also comes with free shipping.


4 Lines for $100

Get four lines with data for as low as $100 a month. This data is through the T-Mobile Nationwide Network. You can also find phones at cheap prices with smartphones starting as low as $29 with many other deals for popular phones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.


Samsung Galaxy S5

This Metro PCS compatible Samsung Galaxy S5 is 5% off the original price currently at Amazon. The price can change depending on the sale and product quantity, but there are discounts of up to 5% off the original price as of now with the occasional 10% off. Free shipping is available on the S5 along with deals on accessories.


20% Off Samsung Galaxy S4

Get 20% off a compatible Samsung Galaxy S4 with limited quantity in stock. The phone comes with free shipping and free 2-day shipping for Prime members.


Samsung Galaxy Light for $29

Get the Samsung Galaxy Light for only $29 with a prepaid plan from Metro PCS. This deal can be claimed various ways including coupons found through the link as well as mail-in rebates. Check the page for more details.


Buy One, Get One Free

Buy any phone from the online store and then chose from select phones to get one for free. You can find more information on the BOGO deal on their website.


Unreliable Coupons

Currently 1 unreliable coupon

Metro PCS at Best Buy

Find a good selection of cell phones available to use with Metro PCS through the Best Buy website. These are all smartphones that are no-contract and ready to be used with any of the Metro PCS prepaid plans available. You can find more information on the Best Buy website about phones available and compatibility.

Cheap Metro PCS Phones for April 2017 at WalletHero

Metro PCS is a no-contract wireless phone provider that has a nationwide network as well as many add-ons and features not provided by other wireless phone companies. You can get unlimited text, minutes, data, and even music via their unlimited plan. On this page, we list all of the deals we’ve found for Metro PCS including discounts to find the cheapest phones that can be used with their prepaid service. These deals on the phones are from the Metro PCS website along with other places that sell compatible cell phones such as Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart and more.

Tips For Finding Cheap Metro PCS Phones

  • Free Phones At Metro PCS – There are times when you can find free phone offers from Metro PCs in their stores as well as online. These free phone deals are usually for when you switch over to Metro PCS from another carrier and sign up for their deals. This means that you can receive a free phone if you’re a new customer. These phones are usually some of their cheaper phones from places such as LG and Samsung so don’t be expecting a free iPhone anytime soon.
  • Purchase Phones From Other Retailers – If you’re going to purchase a device then you may want to compare prices with other retailers instead of just purchasing directly from the Metro PCS website. We’ve found great prices on Metro PCS compatible devices at places such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and more. We post all of the deals here to help you find the cheapest compatible devices available.
  • Buy Used – If you’re using Metro PCS then you’re probably someone who cares about saving money and sticking to a budget. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your phone used. You can purchase used phones at numerous reputable retailers such as Amazon and eBay which have buyer protection clauses to popular places that buy and sell phones such as Gazelle and Glyde.

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