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Currently 34 deals and coupons for March 2018

Deals For The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X (10)

Continue through the link provided to find all of the latest deals and promotions available (including trade in deals) for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X (10). There are deals available for both new customers and existing customers.


Up To $650 In Credits When You Switch

Continue through the link provided to find out how you can get up to $650 in credits when you switch to AT&T from another wireless provider. This is a limited time offer, some restrictions do apply.


Latest Deals and Discount – Click Here

Get all of the latest deals and discounts through the link which will direct you to the AT&T deals page. This includes all of the latest deals on popular phones as well as any discounts on plans and accessories such as Otterbox cases. These deals change regularly so check the page for the latest deals.


$100 Bill Credit On Select Phones

Get a $100 bill credit from AT&T when you purchase select smartphones with a new eligible wireless plan.


$0 Down On iPhone 6

Get the newest iPhone 6 for $0 down when you choose AT&T Next. This means customers can get their iPhone at no cost due the day you buy with a monthly fee each month after. There's also some savings available on your data and wireless plans through this offer. Find more on the page through the link.


$200 Off Any iPad

Get $200 off any iPad through the AT&T store when you purchase an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C through AT&T Next for $0 down. Check the website for full details on this offer to be able to get big discounts on an iPad, iPhone, and your wireless plan. Deal expires soon and all items come with free shipping.


Free Activation Coupon Codes

Go through the link to find any deals available for free activation from AT&T. These free activation codes and coupons are available from time to time as listed on their website. If there are coupons available they should work for most phones and plans. Check page for any available deals.


Up To $25/Month Off Your Plan

Continue through the link to find out how you can get up to $25 off the monthly price of your wireless plan when you bring your own device to AT&T. Save big on your plans with new exciting options to help you save on plans and phones.


Amazon Fire Phone for 99 Cents

When you sign up for a new 2-year contract you can receive the Amazon Fire Phone for just 99 cents. This phone is exclusively with AT&T and cannot be found anywhere else for the time being. Click through the link for more information on this deal.


Apple iPhone 4s for Free

When you sign up for a new 2-year agreement you can receive the popular iPhone 4s for free. This is for new customers only and requires a new agreement. Free express shipping is included with this phone. Find more details on this deal through the link.


Amazon Fire Phone Deal: Free Year of Amazon Prime

When you purchase the Amazon Fire Phone from AT&T you can get a free year of Amazon Prime included. This not only gives you the new smartphone but will also give you access to free 2-day shipping on Amazon for thousands of products along with access to hundreds of streaming movies and TV shows. Find more deals available for the Fire Phone through the link.


50% Off Select Phones

Get an instant 50% off select phones when you sign up for a new 2-year contract with AT&T Wireless. These phone deals include smartphones from brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola along with many others. The deals change weekly so discover all of the latest discounts of up to 50% off through the link.


Free iPhone 5C

If you're in the market for an older iPhone you can currently get the iPhone 5C for free through their website with a 2-year agreement. The iPhone also ships for free but there is an activation fee included in the final price along with any other fees. Check page for full details.


Add A Line For $9.99

Add a new line to your plan for just $9.99 a month on select plans. This promotion for adding a new line will work for most plans including those with massive amounts of data to very basic plans. Find out if your plan qualifies through the link. The add a line promotion should be available to new customers as well as existing customers.


Up To 75% Off Refurbished Phones

Get refurbished (lightly-used) phones for up to 75% off their original price through the AT&T Wireless store on their website. These phones can be used with various plans from AT&T including getting even more discounts for 2-year agreements but in some cases being able to use the phone for prepaid plans.


Free Phone with 2-Year Activation

Get a free phone, such as a new Android smartphone, when you activate a new phone with a 2-year agreement. The free phones change regularly so check the free phone deals page on their website through the link to see the latest.


Free Shipping On Online Orders

Get free shipping on online orders of most phones including everything from the prepaid phones to those on contract. Check the page at checkout to see if your product qualifies for free shipping.


AT&T Trade-In Deals

When buying a new phone you can trade in your old phone to receive an AT&T promotion card. These gift cards are good for anywhere from $10 to $300 depending on your phone model and the condition. Go through the steps on the page through the link to find out how much they will offer for your old phone.


Employee Discounts

Search the page through the link provided on the AT&T website to find all of the available employee discounts. This is a list of discounts for those who work at companies who give discounts to their employees when they use AT&T. The discounts vary depending on your employer but the discounts on plans usually range from 5% to 25% with deals on phones and accessories available.


Beats Music Free For Up To 90 Days

Get Beats Music with unlimited streaming of your favorite music for free for up to 90 days. This free trial promotion will give you 90 days free on the family plan and 30 days free on the individual plan. Continue through the link to find more information on this new offer for Beats.


Motorola Moto X for Free

Get the Motorola Moto X for free when you switch to AT&T. This is for new customers who are signing up for a new 2-year agreement with activation.


Family Plan Deals

Find any deals available for AT&T's family plans. These family plan deals and discounts include savings on phones as well as per line savings. Check the website and use the tools to help find the best price.


Free Samsung Phones

Get a free Samsung phone with a new agreement from AT&T Wireless. This deals include numerous popular Samsung phones including those from the Samsung Galaxy series. Find the latest phones with this deal by clicking the activate button to the right.


Samsung Galaxy S III for Free

Get the Samsung Galaxy S III for free with a 2-year contract agreement. Continue through the link to find this deal where there is no coupon needed to claim but does require a new 2-yr agreement. Free shipping is included.


Deals for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Find awesome deals available for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from AT&T Wireless. You can order the phone through AT&T Next or receive a discount when you sign up for a 2-year agreement plan.


Free Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Free Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a 2-year agreement for a limited time. Free shipping is also included.


Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0 Down

Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0 down when you purchase the phone through AT&T Next. This breaks the payment of the phone down into monthly payments and also allows you to get some savings on the individual plans and even family plans. Check the page for full details and terms. No word on when this promotion expires.


Free SIM Card

When you bring your own phone to one of the prepaid plans or other eligible plans you can receive a free AT&T SIM Card for a limited time. In order to receive your free SIM card you must bring your own device to one of their plans or switch your eligible plans over. Check page for full details.


Cheap AT&T Plans

Find big discounts on AT&T plans with the new mobile share value plans to get data for less. Search through these plans and use the other AT&T coupon codes on this page to save on both plans and phones.


LG G Pad Tablet For Free

Get the LG G Pad 7.0 for free with the purchase of an LG G2, LG G3, or other select LG phones with a 2-year activation agreement. You can find more details on this free tablet promotion through the link. This deal ends soon.


Up To $200 Trade-In and Free Express Shipping with LG G4 Purchase

When you purchase the LG G4 you can get up to $200 when you trade in your old phone and free express shipping. This deal is only available for a limited time.


Free iPhone 7 With AT&T Next

When you purchase one iPhone 7 at regular price on AT&T Next you can get another iPhone 7 free. Both of these phones have to be new phones signed up for plans through the AT&T Next service. Both phones do come with free shipping along with other select discounts. Follow the link for more information on this buy one get one free deal on iPhone 7's from AT&T Wireless.


LG V10 with Free Express Shipping

When you purchase the LG V10 from AT&T with a new plan or through AT&T Next you can qualify for free express shipping.


Switch To AT&T and Get An iPhone 7 Free

Get a free iPhone 7 when you switch to AT&T and also have DirecTV. This promotion applies to all new customers of AT&T who already have DirecTV and those who are bundling their wireless service with DirecTV. Follow the link for more information on this limited time offer.

AT&T Promo Codes, Coupons, and Deals for March 2018 at WalletHero

How To Save on AT&T Phones and Data Plans

AT&T is a leading wireless provider selling all of the top phones as well as giving you a variety of competitively priced wireless plans. You can find the most popular phone brands including the Apple iPhone as well as phones from Samsung, LG, Sony, Blackberry, HTC and more. We have all of the latest coupon codes available for AT&T’s wireless plans and phones to help you save big. In the past, these deals have been for things like $100 to $200 bill credits along with discounts on specific phones and free activation offers. We also post the best sales available with many iPhone deals available. Browse through all of the latest deals and coupons on this page to help you save big on your phones and plans.

iPhone Coupons and Deals from AT&T

The iPhone is currently the most popular cell phone on the market so it’s no surprise that most readers are looking for some type of deal. Being a very popular phone, this means that AT&T and Apple don’t really have to give too many discounts in order to sell the phone on their websites. We do get the occasional deal for the latest version of the phone, but your best bet on finding big discounts is on used/refurbished versions of the phone as well as earlier generations of the phone. If you’re still stuck on needing the latest iPhone then you can usually find deals to receive the phone at $0 down when you finance through AT&T Next as well as receive discounts when you trade-in your old smartphone. New customers will have the most deals to choose from but existing customers can still usually find a deal if they look hard enough and are willing to make a few sacrifices.

Deals On Wireless Data Plans

AT&T is one of the few major wireless providers who has deals on their data plans. We’ve seen a lot of discounts available when it comes to saving on their plans including deals like receiving 50% more data when you choose a certain GB per month level. Most of the time, these deals don’t require any type of coupon code which makes it easy to claim and also allows you to take advantage of other discounts on phones. When there’s a deal for your data plan you can find the deal here and they will usually be showcasing it on their website. Since these deals are the most popular outside of the iPhone deals, you can bet that we will have the information here to help you save.

Free Activation and Upgrade Fee Waived Deals

The third most popular type of deal is to get free activation or have your upgrade fee waived. These deals are usually tougher to come by, but they do occasionally run promotions for these savings. We usually see the free activation deals around the holiday shopping season. Getting your upgrade fee waived is a much more rare deal, but we have seen this offer popping up randomly throughout the year. In our opinion, you’re better off trying to find deals on the phone you want as well as savings on your wireless plan as this will most of the time add up to a larger discount than getting rid of one of these fees.

Where Do I Put In My Promo Code For AT&T

Once you’ve found a promo code on this page that you want to use you will next have to go to the checkout page. You can get there by clicking your shopping cart button. On this next page, you should see a box towards the bottom of the page that says “promotional code.” You can put your code into this box and then hit apply to claim your special offer. If this code is valid then the discount should be shown on your total right on the page. If your code isn’t valid then you should receive a notification as well.

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