Sprint’s iPhone Forever Plan Review: Is It A Good Deal?

There seems to be a new wireless plan promotion hitting the market every few weeks with most offering the same thing packaged in a different way. Sprint has gone in an opposite direction to give the majority of customers exactly what they want with a simple plan that will give you unlimited data for one low price. The iPhone Forever Plan from Sprint gives makes sure you always have the newest iPhone along with a simple data plan where you can get unlimited data or share data in a family plan. In this guide, we review the iPhone Forever Plan and give you all of the details you need to know.

How The iPhone Forever Plan Works

Sprint How It Works
The plan is overall pretty simple. You purchase the latest iPhone available along with the unlimited plan that comes with it. You will then pay monthly for your plan and the leasing price of the iPhone. Once a new iPhone comes out you can simply trade in the old iPhone in good working condition and receive a new phone. For a limited time, they’re running a promotion where you can get the new iPhone for only $15 per month when you trade-in your current iPhone. You also don’t have to purchase the iPhone at Sprint, you can purchase from Amazon or Best Buy as long as it’s a Sprint branded iPhone.

What Data Plans Are Available with iPhone Forever

The iPhone Forever plan offers two different data plans depending on whether you’re getting an individual plan or choosing to share data with a family plan setup. The individual plan is an unlimited data plan that will give you unlimited minutes, messages, and data for $60 per month. The other option you have is for a family plan called the Family Share Pack. The Family Share Pack offers a base of 10 gigabytes of shared data for $100 per month.

Will It Work With A Family Plan?

As previously noted, you can get the iPhone Forever Plan with a family plan. The Family Share Pack is eligible for those also enrolled in the plan to receive a new iPhone. When purchasing the phone and setting up your plan, new customers can choose the family plan with shared data instead of going with an unlimited data plan for individuals. There are no unlimited data plans available for families with the Family Share Pack, the largest amount of shared data is currently set for 60 gigabytes per month which will cost you around $225 per month.

Price of Sprint’s iPhone Forever Plan

The total price of the iPhone Forever Plan can change slightly depending on whether you go with an individual plan or a Family Share Pack. If you’re choosing the individual plan then you will be given unlimited data for $60 plus you’ll receive the iPhone leased for $15 per month with promotional pricing. The $15 per month for leasing the latest iPhone is promotion pricing, if you’re leasing the iPhone outside of this promotion then you’ll be paying around $22 per month for the phone. In order to lease the phone, you must have at least fair credit. Other leasing options are available for those with no credit history or less than perfect credit history.

iPhone Forever Individual Plan: $60 for plan + $15 per month for iPhone (with trade-in) = $75 per month
iPhone Forever Family Plan (shared data): $100 for plan with 10 GB’s + $15 per month iPhone (with trade-in) = $115+ per month

Note: If you’re not trading in an old phone when starting this plan the amount of the iPhone will move to $22 per month instead of $15. This pricing is also for the 16GB model of the iPhone or in the future, the smallest amount of storage.

Who Should Purchase This Plan?

The customer who should purchase this plan is pretty simple. If you’re the type of customer who always has to have an iPhone and like the Sprint network then this is a no-brainer. You can get the newest iPhone for a low price each month along with an unlimited data plan for around $60. Even if you’re choosing to share data within a Family Share Pack the price isn’t bad at all at $100, but you won’t have unlimited data. You can find more information on the Sprint website about this deal that’s available online as well as at your local Sprint store.

Leave any comments or questions below. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about this latest promotion from Sprint.

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8 Responses to “Sprint’s iPhone Forever Plan Review: Is It A Good Deal?”

  • Dherm Raj September 3, 20158:42 am

    Can I change my iPhone 4s into iphone 6 At Apple Store?

    • WalletHero Staff September 3, 20159:51 am

      If you’re going to sign up for a new plan then you can trade in your old phone and receive a discount on the iPhone Forever plan. You will need to sign up for this plan in order to receive a new iPhone and can’t simply trade in your 4s for a newer version without being signed up for this specific deal. Also this only works for Sprint and is not associated with the Apple Store.

  • Donna Henderson January 16, 20169:36 pm

    Can my contacts and pics and messages rollover to a new phone? And is family plan $100 per month per line?

    • WalletHero Staff January 17, 201611:40 am

      All of your contacts, pictures, and messages should be able to be moved to a new phone by just using your Apple account. Always make sure you back these up using iCloud before you make the switch and maybe even do another backup through another service like Google Drive just to make sure.

      The family plan pools together 10 gigabytes of data to use each month for $100. Each iPhone you lease through Sprint will be an extra charge (price depends on your exact iPhone model) along with a fee per line of anywhere from $10 to $20 per month depending on numerous factors. Sprint changes a lot of their line addition fees and activation fees so the easiest way is to just go to their website through one of the links above and go through the steps without checking out to see your exact monthly price along with any local taxes.

  • Halona June 15, 20162:22 am

    I got a iPhone 6 in September and just today it had cracked. So can I bring in my cracked iPhone and trade it in for a iPhone 6s?

    • WalletHero Staff June 15, 201610:52 am

      When you bring in a phone that’s cracked it’s usually going to be worth less than a new phone. So what would happen is Sprint would give you a certain amount towards the purchase of the iPhone 6s. From my experience and the current market, a cracked iPhone 6 would probably still give you $150+ towards the purchase of the 6s. Sprint has a lot of deals available for switching over, so if you’re switching to Sprint from another carrier such as Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile they may be able to give you an even better deal.

  • Pookah July 6, 20164:38 pm

    If I go with Sprint’s plan (upgrade eligible) it would cost me 16/mo for a 6s. If I buy with a 2-year contract (I’ve been with sprint for 20 years) it costs 299. $16 x 12 x 2= $384. OK, I get a new phone every year, but I’m paying more forever. Is the question do I really need a new phone every year?? Unless there’s some killer feature, I don’t think so.

    What am I missing?

    • WalletHero Staff September 7, 201612:00 pm

      I agree that now the iPhone doesn’t have enough changes each time to warrant an upgrade. The thing with the iPhone Forever plan is that the prices are still usually cheaper over time than other carriers if you do get an iPhone regularly. This plan works best for those who always upgrade each cycle.


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