Sprint Raises Price On Unlimited Plan to $70 Per Month

Sprint Store
Sprint’s most popular offering is their individual unlimited data plan where everything from minutes and messages to data is completely unlimited. If you’re looking to get this plan, you may want to act fast as the price on their unlimited plans will be going up to $10 per month starting later this month. The current individual unlimited data plans are set at $60 per month, but as of October 16 they will be going up in price to $70 per month along with any other fees and the cost of your phone if you lease. The plan will still include unlimited data, text, and voice along with unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

Sprint Unlimited Plan with iPhone Forever

Sprint will still be offering their unlimited plan with the iPhone Forever option. This will give you the latest iPhone along with the unlimited plan. The price of the plan will be the same as if you were purchasing it with another phone, but the price of the iPhone leased will stay the same and won’t be going up in price along with the price increase of the plan. You can find more information on this popular option by checking out our iPhone Forever review that we updated regularly with any new information or changes.

Price Of The Unlimited Data Plan

As we previously noted, the price of the unlimited data plan will increase $10 to $70 per month. There are of course other fees, such as taxes, activation fees, upgrade fees and more that are associated with this plan. For most customers, you will probably have a bill near $80 once all of the fees and taxes are added. The price of their unlimited plan has fluctuated over the years as more customers use data, so if you’re thinking about grabbing an unlimited plan it’s probably best to get it sooner rather than later. You can find more information on the Sprint website or by visiting your local Sprint store.

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