Sprint Offers DirecTV Customers A Free Year Of Service

Sprint DirecTV Free promotion

Sprint announced today that they will be offering a free year of their wireless service to current DirecTV customers. This means that if you’re a DirecTV customer or just signing up for their satellite service you can receive 12 months of Sprint’s service at no cost to you at all. They’re offering a year free with unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB’s of high-speed data monthly. The regular price of a comparable individual plan, such as the one offered for free, will run you around $50 per month. There are still some other fees that you may run into with this promotion such as a one-time $36 activation fee and some surcharges/taxes. You also must bring your own device or lease one directly from Sprint. They will buy out your current wireless contract up to $300.

This latest Sprint promotion is in response to AT&T acquiring DirecTV and bundling their wireless services with the popular satellite service. Sprint has been on a roll lately with their promotions and special plans including the iPhone Forever promotion which gives you the latest iPhone with an unlimited plan for one low price each month. Since this free DirecTV service deal doesn’t come with unlimited data it may not work for all customers as well as some of their past promotions. If you’re someone who doesn’t need tons of data and live within an area where Sprint has good service then getting free service for a year may be worth checking out.

The free year of service promotion from Sprint will start tomorrow (8/28) and end on September 30th. You can find more information on the Sprint website along with all of the details you need to get signed up for their service if you’re a current DirecTV customer.

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