Sprint Family Plan Review

Sprint Family Plan Guide Review

The new Sprint family plan, now better known as a “Framily” plan, has been all over the place recently from TV commercials to online ads. Just like other family wireless plans and wireless plans in general it can be downright confusing to figure out if you can actually save money on these plans. The Framily plan is much different then many other family plans as you can add friends (Family + Friends = Framily) which leads to even more confusion. The great thing is even though it may be a little tricky to figure out at first there are much more opportunities to save as he major wireless companies have started to compete for your business with T-Mobile leading the shake-up.

On this page you can find our guide to Sprint’s family plans including things such as basic reviews of the details as well as prices, how you can get the best deal, specific family plans for the iPhone, unlimited family plan offerings and more. Search through the guide below and leave us any questions in the comment section so we can answer them quickly.

[Framily Plan Deal: There's currently a deal on the Sprint Framily Plan where you can get a $100 prepaid Visa card for signing up as well as numerous phones for free. Continue through the link for more information. This deal expires on May 8th.]

How Much Does The Family Plan Cost?
Unlimited My Way Sprint Family Plan Pricing Per LineJust like other family plans the Sprint Family Plan options can be customized to your exact needs. This means that the actual pricing can vary depending on how much data you need as well as other factors such as phones, local taxes, activation fees and more.

As you can see from the graphic the first phone on your plan will currently run you $50 per month on the Sprint Unlimited My Way Family Plan. In this plan the first phone is $50 per month, the second is $40 per month, third is $30 per month, and phones 4 through 10 are $20 per month each. Be aware that this just covers your unlimited minutes and text messages and does not include data. To add data you will pay $10 per month per line for basic phones, 1GB per line for smartphones at $20 per month, and unlimited data at $30 per line.

Are There Any Deals Available?
The deals for family plans come down more to the phones themselves than the plan. You can find savings on the phones through our promo codes section for Sprint or you can simply check the Sprint deals section on Sprint.com where they will post any discounts on phones. These deals on the phones are usually for discounted prices as well as sales and even a promo code from time to time. If you’re a new customer then you can usually find better deals available than if you’re an existing customer doing an upgrade.

What is the Sprint “Framily” Plan?
The “Framily” plan from Sprint is their new family plan open to select regions and customers. Framily in this case stands for friends and family as you can add them both to your group plan. It works by allowing you to add your family and friends to the group plan for a select amount per line. Since you allow friends onto your bill Sprint has set up the group family plans in a way that you can select who gets separate bills to pay for their share of the plan.

In this plan you get unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of data for each line. The more people that join into your “Framily” group the lower your bill can be at the end of the month. There are various plans available within this deal. When purchasing the plan and adding new family and friends you can customize everything to make it just the way you like to fit your life.

What Phones Are Available?
When you purchase a family plan you are simply getting the discounts when compared to individual plans, so the phones you can purchase do not change. This means that you can purchase all of the latest and greatest phones without having to chose from a bargain bin selection like some carriers in the past. You can purchase the iPhone with your family plan as well as other great phones from Samsung, HTC, LG and so on. If you’re a new customer there are many discounts available as previously mentioned to help you save.

Still Confused About Sprint’s Family Plan Options?
Family plans can be tough to figure out. There are dozens of different options available and the pricing can change drastically by adding just a few gigabytes of data per line. This is why if you’re still confused the best way to really figure out the pricing and what you need is to simply walk through the process. This means going to the Sprint website and just choosing the number of phones you want. The exact smartphones don’t matter as you’re not going to checkout. Next just go through the process of choosing plans as you would if you were really purchasing. This will allow you to play around with the numbers to see how much your bill will be. Try changing the data around to see the large price differences. Remember that not everyone will need unlimited data, especially if they are within WiFi range throughout the day. Going through the motions of the plan is an easy way to see how much a plan will really cost and can also help you make the decision of whether Sprint is right for you.

If you still have questions about the plans then leave them below in the comments. We will do our best to try to find you the answers to any questions you have.

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14 Responses to “Sprint Family Plan Review”

  • Al March 30, 201410:58 pm

    What a rip off.

  • Donna April 1, 20149:41 pm

    If you pay the $20 extra for unlimited data on the framily plan and can get annual upgrades, what does this mean? Will the annual upgrade phone be at the discounted price (like new customers get and like people that have 2 year contracts and are upgrade eligible) or are you paying retail?

    • editor April 2, 20149:37 pm

      As far as I know the upgrade means that at the end of that contract you will be able to purchase the phone at a subsidized price (not retail). So an iPhone 5s would be sold to you at the $199 price instead of the $600+ retail price. It does mention about returning the previous device in good condition so I’m guessing you must trade in the previous device to get the new device. It’s all a little confusing so I would check out the fine print on their Framily Plan page or just do a customer service chat on the contact page of their website.

      One positive is they have many Framily Plan deals available including the $100 off discount as well as a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 if you put some data on it in your plan. I’m guessing within the next few months these deals will go away. Hope that answered the question. If not I can contact someone at Sprint to see if they can give a comment.

  • Lea April 3, 20144:10 pm

    If I have a Virgin Mobile phone can that be used and switched to this Sprint plan?

  • Tiger April 3, 20149:15 pm

    Dont do it. They screw you because coverage suckes and when you complain customer service
    Just says we are putting up new towers in you area. When my job depends on a good phone and cell line its not sprint. Customer service is crap. I went back in to return my phone and cancel service i was then told I had to buy the phone and could only use cash to buy out contract. People at the store didnt even lift a finger to help. Did I say I have been a loyal customer for 8 years ? Good by sprint. P.s. dont use.

  • editor April 3, 20149:26 pm

    @ Lea
    They use the same networks so I would guess that it could be changed over if you’re wanting to bring the phone with you. The plans include the phone so technically either way you’re going to have the new phone added into the monthly costs. Most of the time if you’re bringing you’re own phone you will have to mark it on the area within checkout.

    If you’re an individual and don’t need the family plan then there are some cheaper options available when bringing you own phone through their prepaid options. I would use the chat function or call up the Sprint store to see what they say as there may be some deals available.

  • editor April 3, 20149:29 pm

    I agree that in many areas Sprint has horrible coverage. I hope that they make some strides in the next year or so to try to get a better signal in areas where they advertise a lot. I’m a Sprint customer as well as a Verizon Wireless customer and Verizon does beat out Sprint in almost every area I’ve been. The unlimited plans are what I think makes it worth it to some degree but if their signal doesn’t get better then the Framily Plan and Unlimited Plans aren’t going to keep customers. I still think Sprint is a great option for those that live in an area where Sprint has good coverage and they don’t travel too much outside of the area.

  • amber April 9, 20146:22 pm

    The framily plan is really no savings. You must agree to pay full price for the phone (i.e. $550 for Iphone 5c) but they tell you it should be no problem since they will split it up into 24 months. So to save a few bucks on the plan, you pay full price on the phone? No thanks!

  • TRW April 12, 20147:14 pm

    Several years ago (maybe 4 or 5 years ago?), my son put us on his family plan. We had one phone, but he said that it would cost only $10/mo. more for our second phone and he was paying the bill. My phone is maybe 7 years old , my wife’s phone was original with the new plan. My phone is failing apart – the antenna has fallen out and lost, and I use a rubber band around the phone to hold the battery in. After all these years we thought we should be able to get a free upgrade to new phones. We stopped by the Annandale, VA store, and they didn’t want to deal with us and said my son had to do the new deal with Sprint. All we need is simple phones, no data, just a flip phone to make and receive calls. As I look at the cost of the family plan, it looks like he may be paying as much as $45- $40 a month for each of our phones. I have not talked to him about this yet, but it looks like Sprint is ripping us off. I thinking about giving up my phone and maybe moving to a new provider for my wife and I and saving my son some money.

  • Mary April 13, 20149:56 pm

    Framily plan was overpriced so is the apple 5 my bill went from 87.00 to 149.00 hate it

    • Sara April 15, 20146:01 pm

      I’m sorry for your “loss” but thank you for your honest feedback! Hands down, your comment has officially changed my mind from “considering” the Framily Plan to “no way”!

  • sylvis April 17, 20149:26 pm

    I been with sprint for 8 years. Love there phone and plan. The only thing is I go in town and my phone died fast and when I go to general dollar my phone roams a lot!

  • read_the fine print April 18, 20148:07 am

    Read the fine print people. All of this so called “unlimited” stuff has a catch. It is only unlimited “while on the SPRINT network”. My current plan is unlimited everything….even when roaming. I am due for an upgrade and the sales people at the store are pushing the Framily plan. They don’t seem to understand that I am roaming when I cross the street at my house.

  • JpKomando April 22, 20143:07 am

    I’ve had Sprint for over 15 yrs. I’ve never been thrilled by their Cust Serv, but the other companies services didn’t seem all that different. I could have contracted out 4 yrs ago, but i’m into new phones etc. To me they seem a little scamy, as they “accidentally” switched my plan during a phone call to CS when I was just inquiring, and WaLaah! the computer wouldn’t let them switch me back. My adult kids want me to sponsor them on the framily plan. But I don’t trust Sprint, they always have some hidden land mine somewhere that ends up costing me more money. If I go to framily, am I giving up my current all-everything deal; and if my kids get behind on their bill, will it somehow bounce back to me?


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