Minibru – French Press Coffee Mug

Minibru French Press Coffee Mug

Many coffee connoisseurs agree that the French press makes one of the best cups of coffee possible. The Minibru allows you to take advantage of the the premium taste while also not having to brew an entire pot each time you want a cup.

You use the Minibru just as you would a regular French press. Start by pouring in coarsely ground coffee until you fill it to the specified line on the bottom of the cup, next pour your hot water until it reaches the second line, let sit for a few minutes, and last just insert the filter cylinder to push the grounds to the bottom. The Minibru is made of glass so it’s dishwasher safe and the other parts are designed for easy clean up by simply rinsing. So if you’re looking to brew the perfect cup of coffee one cup at a time the Minibru may be for you.

Price: $24.99

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