Major Retailers Accepting Bitcoin


As Bitcoin continues to gain steam as a mainstream form of payment, we thought we would take the time to make a list of the retailers both big and small who accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. For those not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a form of currency that’s for the most part completely anonymous and gets its value in the marketplace from P2P lending.

As you can see, the list right now of retailers who accept Bitcoin isn’t very impressive. As more retailers jump on board this new currency as a payment option we will add them to our lists. There are dozens of different stores out there already that are specific to Bitcoin purchases and can even help you make purchases at many major stores through a third-party system. Since we don’t always trust these places our list will stick to those reputable retailers that accept Bitcoin. Check out the list below to find a list of online stores and major retailers who are accepting Bitcoin.

Retailers That Accept Bitcoin:

TigerDirect – The store just recently announced that they were starting to accept Bitcoin through Bitpay. TigerDirect is a popular electronics and PC parts retailer that is one of the first major stores in this category to accept Bitcoin. They also put up a section for building Bitcoin mining rigs. The Bitcoin badge shows up on their checkout with terms such as you must make your payment within 15 minutes or it’s not valid as well as all returns will be done in the form of a TigerDirect gift card only.

Overstock – As of right now Overstock is one retailer that accepts Bitcoin where you can buy all types of brand name products. There are many niche retailers and websites that accept it directly but with Overstock you can by thousands of different products at discounted prices. They are currently accepting Bitcoin through Coinbase.

Gyft – While this is not a direct way to use Bitcoin to make a purchase it does essentially allow you to use your Bitcoins to convert into gift cards. Gyft is a mobile gift card company that allows Bitcoin as a payment option. They have gift cards available from major retailers including Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Gamestop, and Burger King. Using Bitcoin as your payment is only available on the Android version of their mobile app.

NameCheap – One of the most popular places to register domain names now accepts Bitcoin directly as a payment option. Aside from domain registration they also have web hosting, email and more. While you’re at it check out our Namecheap coupon codes section to save even more while using your Bitcoins.

WordPress – WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around today. For those who have websites and blogs hosted with them you can now use Bitcoin to purchase premium themes, add-ons, domains and more.

OKCupid – The popular online dating website announced that they would start accepting Bitcoin as payment. In order to use Bitcoin as your payment option you must use the Bitcoin wallet solution Coinbase.

Etsy – While the entire website doesn’t accept Bitcoin there are select vendors who do. Since Etsy is a marketplace instead of a store you will have to find vendors who accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. You can do a search for Bitcoin on their homepage to find vendors who may have this option.

Heyzap – The social network for mobile games accepts Bitcoins as a way to fund your account to make in-game purchases.

Reddit – While you can’t currently use Bitcoin to purchase Reddit items in their store you can use it for Reddit Gold. When you purchase Reddit Gold for yourself or others it give you extra perks as well as takes away the advertising throughout the website.

We’re looking to keep this list up to date. If you know of a popular online store or major retailer that’s accepting Bitcoin feel free to leave a comment, send an email, or let us know on Twitter. We will add them to our list. Also make sure you let us know if a retailer we have listed is no longer accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment so we can add them to the deactivated list of retailers.

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